Low-Cost Tips for Keeping a Composed Kitchen Cabinet

by Kasey
Keeping your cabinets neat and organized can often feel like an endless battle, especially when you tend to be a little over ambitious and buy more supplies than you have the space for.

When this happens, a return from the grocery store can quickly lead into a desperate struggle of stacking unsteady cereal boxes and stabilizing soup cans that threaten to topple over at every possible moment.

With this in mind, check out our showcase of intuitive arrangement techniques and helpful organizational products for some suggestions on how to combat your cabinet space conundrum.
One Quick Note:

While the items featured below are naturally low-cost, many of the ones pictured here were found in thrift stores for considerably less than retail price, so it may be worth visiting your local store for a look.
Can Racks

Stacking cans usually involves the irritation of having to rearrange each individual can just to get to the one you really want. Even then, cans often have a bad habit of tumbling and rolling away when you least expect it.

The solution? A can rack where you can fashionably display rows of your favorite soups and preservatives for easy access. Best of all, most models work so when you take one can out, another rolls in to take its place, which is not only convenient, but looks pretty cool when it happens.

Models like this one cost around $10, and can be easily acquired online or in most superstores.
Desk Drawers

Ordinarily used for storing paper clips and pencils, these little storage units also make excellent portable drawers for holding tea bags, leftover sauce packets, granola bars, and any other small loose items you’d like to corral together in your cabinet.

Depending on where you look, desk drawers can range up to around $30, but good ones like that shown in the picture can still be found online for under $10.  
Wire Shelves

Tall and cluttered cabinets with unused air space spells out an opportunity that’s just waiting to happen. By implementing a few wire shelves to your pantry, you can effectively double the usable area of any spacious surface.

A wire shelf like this can be quickly found online for less than $5, so order multiple as needed to reinvigorate your cabinet’s performance.
Pantry Containers

While the name does speak for itself, these kinds of containers are so handy that they can’t go without being mentioned. Perfect for condensing bags of grains, sugars, and cereals into one uniform storage system, these large containers can provide painless access to all of your kitchen staples while forever eliminating the irritation of ripped bags and accidental spills.

Containers usually cost just a few dollars each, and can come in many unique sets and styles to best match your cabinet’s design.
Hanging Baskets

Great for optimizing your cabinet’s vertical space, and a no-brainer to install, hanging baskets are amazing for creating additional storage opportunities in unconventional places.

Most models commonly cost around $10 and come in a range of shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to accommodate a basket to any shelving space and create a system that works best for you. You can also pair one of the previously mentioned wire shelves to rest beneath a basket and create a compounded storage system for improved efficiency.
With so many options available to tackle the task of improving storage space, organization becomes a cinch, and you’ll be able regain control over those chaotic cabinets before you know it!
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  • Nicolette Spargo Nicolette Spargo on Feb 23, 2017
    I am so glad you shared these awesome ideas! I love organizing, so this will definitely be helpful for me :)

  • B. Enne B. Enne on Feb 23, 2017
    I just bought some solid hanging shelf baskets at the $ store for $4 and they came in gray or white. I had to wait a long time. They used to have thin ones at $ 1-2, but they couldn't handle the weight. They were replaced by crummy plastic. These new ones cost more, but are comparable to the $12-14 ones elsewhere.