Mason Jar Storage Solution

by Pamela
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30 Minutes
I have a smaller sized kitchen, and don't have much cabinet space. On top of not having much space, I am short and can only reach the bottom shelf !
I used mason jars, to make more room in cabinets and make my more frequently used items easy to reach.
I was always using my step stool to reach
Just about everything in my cabinets.
I decided to build a shelf pantry, on one wall in the kitchen using pipe and pallet wood. ( more on that in a later post )
In the mean time , my husband and I went to a very large local farmers market/ flea market. We came home with a smaller free standing cabinet made by an Amish woodworker using old barn wood and old doors.
I decided to put my boxed, frequently
Used items in mason jars . This would first of all, make my life easier, and at the same time it would be freeing up some cabinet space.
I started pouring things into mason jars and other types of far no issues , you can tell what's in the jars , popcorn , oatmeal , pasta... but uh oh ... when it comes to baking soda, or baking powder, they pretty much look the same in the jar, and you certainly don't want to mix them up when cooking !!! So I made cute tags for them.
First , get needed materials... jars ,( they don't have to be mason jars, you can save jam, mayo, or sauce jars), scissors , twine, chalkboard tags , white marker, ( or paint & paintbrush and white paint )
Write what is in the jar on the tag , I might re do it with white paint and a paintbrush, I am not very happy with how the white marker bled into the wood tags.
I bought the chalkboard tags at Michael's, it was a bag of 10 or 12 for about $5, but used my 40% off coupon!!!
Then cut a piece of twine slip an end through the tag and tie it off near the tag.
If you don't do this , and just try to tie it around the jar , it won't hang properly.
Next tie it around the jar, tightly, but not overly tight. This way you can slip the tag and twine off to clean the jar, then put it right back on ! Clip off the ends.
All done !
Suggested materials:
  • Wood tags, mason jars, or other shaped jars, twine, white marker
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  • Wendy Wendy on Sep 17, 2018

    I love this look, and helps keep you super organized!

  • Ell34113857 Ell34113857 on Sep 18, 2018

    Yes love the idea as I don`t have much room.

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    • Pamela Pamela on Sep 22, 2018

      Hi , am am also in the process of making a wall pantry , actually , it was my first idea , but then my husband bought me the cupboard , and the shelves are on hold for right now . If you have some space on a wall , this is easy to do. I used pipe , flanges , and pipe caps all go in on the plumbing aisle at home depot.