Pallet Project for the Kitchen

by Lsherbach
4 Materials
1 Hour
Several years ago, I moved from my family home of 38 years to a significantly downsized Condo. Many challenges, as you might imagine. Not the least of which is my kitchen countertop.
No matter how hard I try to keep it clear of "stuff" I never seem to reach that goal. So this is my attempt at confining the clutter at least. YES, I love glass containers!
So here is the challenge:
I decided, in order to free up significant and treasured prep space on this corner countertop, I should go UP!
So I raided my pallet wood stash and found two pieces that would be perfect for this project.
I laid out he main containers on a piece of the pallet wood, which I had already sanded. Marked the length, allowing for the uprights. Also cut the uprights to size.
Went to my chop saw and cut 45 degree angles on the long piece and did the same on the shorter upright pieces.
Next, I drilled pilot holes in the angled corers, this step prevents any splitting of the wood, which can easily happen when you are nailing so close to the end of a piece of wood. Before nailing the upright pieces to the horizontal pieces at the 45 degree corners, I added a line of wood glue just for added strength.
I decided to make two of these stacking shelves to take advantage of the height under the cabinets. When stacking the shelves on top of each other, I added a little wood glue to hold them in place; but because of the weight of the glass containers I was using, I didn't feel it was necessary to nail them In place.
Once the glue was dry, I gave the entire piece a light sanding. I liked the rustic shadings on the wood so I left them "as is"!
And there you have it. My space saving kitchen counter project.
Suggested materials:
  • Pallet wood   (local market, with permission)
  • Nails   (Home Depot)
  • Wood glue   (had on hand)
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