how to make most of a small Kitchen & dining area?

by Barbara
10 by 12 feet
  5 answers
  • Z Z on Sep 15, 2012
    More details on the room would help. Any windows or doors/doorways, current furniture that have to be worked around/with? A picture of the room would help if there's any other above to deal with.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Sep 16, 2012 or floorplan drawing would help. And you did not say if you are doing a complete rebuild or just trying to figure out what to do to best use what you have. Efficiency of use will depend on knowing where doors and windows well as width of doors and width and height of windows. It might best be served building a table with benches/stools that push underneath instead of trying to use trafitional furniture...just a thought. This table could serve as additional work area when meals are not being served.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Sep 16, 2012
    so these rooms combined are 10 x 12 or each one is that big?...if it is the former than that is a pretty small space. For very small spaces a "bar" type eating area can provide more room than a "dining table". parents live in New Bern...they are in the River Bend area.

  • Becky H Becky H on Sep 16, 2012
    Without pictures or floor plan, another alternative to saving space/utilizing space to the max, is booth dining w/a bench on the outside (which can be pushed in under the table when not in use.

  • Barbara Barbara on Sep 17, 2012
    Thank you all,decided on a bar type eating area.Thank You