Reorganized Spice, Seasonings, and Sauces Cabinet!

by KatAych
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FINALLY!!!! I've had this project on my "TO DO" list for over a year and finally got around to doing it over the weekend.
This has REALLY made cooking so much easier, believe it or not! Now we don't have a complete mess of products; everything is within arm's reach,alphabetical, and easy to see...a great win for every cook, professional or not!
I started with these spice containers from the Container Store. The top twists to either a shake or pour option, they have magnetic bottoms, and there is a window on top. I ordered 60, which is way too many for your average home cook, but my husband is a professional chef who likes to cook many different kinds of things, so he does use a lot of various different spices. (As a side note, spices should really be kept in the DARK and away from temperature fluctuations, so the next step was how to tackle the window on the tins...)

I designed these labels at There are all kinds of different designs, fonts, and colors from which to choose. You can have the option of having print them and mail them to you, which is the option I selected. Let me tell you, the labels are WAY better quality than if I had printed them myself -- very nice paper and they fit perfectly over the window of the spice tins. Yay!

I decided to mount the spice tins on the interior of the door. Since they are magnetic, it made sense to use a magnetic knife rack to hold them. I purchased 9 of these from Ikea. They are very sturdy and were a breeze to install.
Two screws on a back piece is all it took, the the front sort of "snaps" on top and VOILA! knife rack installed! I decided to make it easy on myself and skip a space to avoid the tins hitting the shelves in the cabinet. The door closes completely without anything hitting anything else.
Here are all the spice tins on the interior of the door. I decided to put them in alphabetical order to make it easier for everyone to find what they need!
Then it was time to tackle everything else in the cabinet. Luckily, by emptying so many spices into the tins, it freed up A LOT of space in the cabinet and I was able to sort things so every item could be easily seen. The bottom shelf is where I put "overflow" and "extra" spices in large containers; the middle shelf is where small bottles of seasonings go; the top shelf is home to liquids and sauces. Organization is something that makes my heart happy; and now my chef hubby is happy, too! :-)
Suggested materials:
  • Spice tins   (Container Store)
  • Spice tin labels   (
  • Knife racks   (Ikea)
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