Use a Curtain Rod to Declutter Countertops

Kara shows us how to add kitchen decor while decluttering your counters. A win-win! Get tutorial here

Use Command Hooks to Organize Pot & Pan Lids

A super easy way to organize pot and pan lids on your cabinet doors. Get some hooks and get organized. Get tutorial here

Mount Mason Jars for Spice Storage

Get your drill out for this clean and cute spice storage idea. Mount the jar lids, fill with spices and you're ready to go! Get tutorial here

Organize Under the sink with a Tension Rod

Finally get some order under the kitchen sink by hanging a tension rod. Hang your cleaning supplies on the rod and use a basket for what's left. Get tutorial here

Make a Bag Dispenser From a Soda Bottle & CD

Add some spray paint to a repurposed soda bottle and CD and you've got a plastic bag dispenser that you can hang anywhere, including inside a cupboard Get tutorial here

Kitchen storage Idea from Oatmeal Canisters

All you need to make these adorable and functional storage canisters are some oatmeal canisters and rope. Totally customizable and easy to create! Get tutorial here

Organize Your Kitchen Drawers with Baskets

Simple baskets in a variety of sizes can help you get your kitchen drawers organized the way you want it. Get tutorial here

Create a Functional & Decorative Cup Display

Make access to your measuring cups easier by creating this adorable display. Limited supplies needed to get this up fast. Get tutorial here

Make a Lazy Susan to Organize Your Fridge

Get your condiments in order by making a lazy Susan tray for your fridge. Use two glass pie plates and 5 little packs of marbles. Get tutorial here

Use Tape to Create These Pretty Pantry Labels

Kara shares how she makes classy labels for jars and containers. It's really easy to get this great look. Simply print, tape, soak and stick. Get tutorial here

Create a Magnetic Spice Rack for Your Wall

Free up counter space and add kitchen decor with this spice rack. A short supply list gets it done: Baking sheet, magnets, little tins, and an old fra Get tutorial here

Curtain Rod Kitchen Pot Storage Solution

An open storage idea for your pots that you can do with just a few tools. Bonus is easy access to your pot Get tutorial here

Make Produce Baskets with Chicken Wire

Create more counter space by making these easy chicken wire baskets. Inexpensive, quick and will add to your kitchen decor. Get tutorial here

Turn Soda Bottles into Contemporary Storage

You can make designer looking storage containers with just a few supplies. Fancy them up to your desire. Get tutorial here

Use Hooks to Organize Kitchen Appliance Cords

Say goodbye to unappealing, messy kitchen appliance cords with this awesome idea that uses command cord organizers. Every cord will be in place! Get tutorial here