Organize Snacks With A Lazy Susan

Put down tape to get the layout you want and cut dividers out of poly cutting boards. Get tutorial here

Get Kitchen Utensils In Order With A Rack

Purchase the Lazy Susan hardware and screw in hooks for hanging utensils. Get tutorial here

Label Jars With Vinyl Letters

Don’t mix up the flour or sugar by putting vinyl letters on jars in your kitchen. Get tutorial here

Hang A Hutch High To Store Cooking Recipes

Measure boards to the desired size, and prime the bead board before attaching it. Get tutorial here

Clamp Your Spices In A Peg Board Rack

Take an unused picture frame and cut a peg board to size. Get tutorial here

For A Small Space, Make A Hide Away Pantry

Measure the height and depth of your refrigerator and drill holes into each hole of the shelf. Get tutorial here

Create Space In The Refrigerator With Bowls

Remove eggs from containers and place in mixing bowls to eliminate crowding and place sauces and dressings on shelves. Get tutorial here

Use A Tension Rod To Clean Up Under Your Sink

Empty out the bottom and put up a tension rod to hang up spray bottles. Get tutorial here

Install Shelves To Clean The Pantry

Install wire shelves for categorizing your goods and paint the walls a refreshing white. Get tutorial here

Keep Cooking Books Out Of A Pile With Racks

Purchase $4 racks from IKEA and install on the side of a cabinet. Get tutorial here

Get A Clean Counter Top With A Peg Board Wall

Fill the holes of the board with wall anchors and paint over with chalk paint. Get tutorial here

Build A Draw To Categorize Your Kitchen

Paint over wooden boards and use Iron Grip Adhesive to connect the boards together. Get tutorial here

Stencil Bright Colors For Cabinet Storage

Sand the entire cabinet and use an X-acto knife to cut the stencil into wax paper. Get tutorial here