1. Add a little shelf above your stove

This stainless steel shelf is a convenient spot for your S&P plus some cute decor. Get tutorial here

2. Store & display your cookbooks

These IKEA spice racks are for more than just your spices. Get tutorial here

3. Utilize the space above your fridge

Add some decorative boxes and baskets to store your kitchen items. Get tutorial here

4. Hang a rotating storage rack for utensils

Attach lazy susan hardware to a piece of melamine, add some hooks and you got a great space for your spatula. Get tutorial here

5. Use a peg board

Make a bold statement on your wall and keep essential items within reach. Get tutorial here

6. Use magnetic containers

Not enough space in your cabinets? These IKEA containers can go right on your fridge! Get tutorial here

8. Don't forget to look up!

This Hometalker made a ladder to hang her pots & pans above her kithen island. Get tutorial here

9. Dress up some jars

Don't throw away those empty jars and containers, Dress 'em up, label them and you got some cute kitchen storage. Get tutorial here

10. Make this for your canned goods

Each one holds up to 12 cans and makes it easy to grab and go. Get tutorial here

11. Put a Lazy Susan in your pantry

Adding Lazy Susans to your pantry instantly adds storage and utilizes awkward spaces more effectively. Get tutorial here

12. Use containers in your freezer

Decorate some plastic containers with washi tape to organize and beautify. Get tutorial here

13. Make a cute & functional produce stand

Baskets were put on this flea market find to create an adorable Farmhouse produce stand. Get tutorial here

15. (Or) Keep clutter off the counter

7.5 feet of wall storage means your counter's all clear. Get tutorial here

16. Spruce up the space under your sink

These dollar store racks are a storage game-changer. Get tutorial here

17. Make a caddy for portable storage

With a couple of accessories, this caddy makes a great organizer for your dining table. Get tutorial here

19. Add one on your wall too

Got more wine? Here's a creative storage idea for your wall. Get tutorial here