Storing Your Knives Safely

Sandra Allen
by Sandra Allen
2 Materials
10 Minutes
I have one really good knife and two that are "eh". But I keep them when others are in the kitchen with me.

When I was putting away some utensils in "that drawer", I almost cut myself. So I came up with a better and safer storage solution. Here's how:
With a cardboard box that flat sheets of foil came from, I cut up one side.
Then I slipped one half into the other, and taped them around the girth and the end.
Then I taped the open end flaps down.
When the knives were in, I closed the open end with two binder clips, and hung it in the pantry with a couple push pins.
Now they are safe and handy. N-JOY!!
Suggested materials:
  • A box foil sheets came in   (Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors, tape, push pins   (Had at home)
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