Test Tube Spice Rack

by Karen
5 Hours
When we built our house we were living in a camper top siting on blocks while contending with all the outside needs of a small farm. The house we built basically housed us, but lacks in space, even for two old people. I have just one 10 foot counter that also hold the sink. So there is not a lot of space, or cabinets (free from an old house- I painted them). I needed a spice rack so I built this.
1. cut a broad to fit under the cabinets.
2. drilled out holes that fit 1 inch round test tubes
3. added sides
4. hung under cabinet
5. labeled and filled test tubes
The hardest part was to get the tubes to fit . The wood swelled after painting it so I used a dremel to fit each tube.
I bought the tubes from a science place on line. They are plastic with screw on capes. I used screw caps because I felt these would be easier for me to handle. I had no choice in cap colors so I left them orange and just decoupaged the spice labels I printed onto the caps.
This is the board I used with drilled out holes for the test tubes. I had to re-drill the holes because the paint swell the holes. I used a dremel and fit the tube in each hole
I added the sides to the board
Test tubes labeled and filled.
So here is my spice rack. It is handy, out of the way and saves much needed cabinet space. I painted the chickens.
PS: I bought 20 these from ebay for 5.00. They are porcelain inserts and pretty ugly
Cleaned them up and painted the porcelain with nail polish from the dollar store. They have been on the cabinets for 6 months and have not chipped
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