Use Wallpaper to Line Your Drawers

2 Materials
6 Hours

When I moved into my new home my goal was to declutter everything that I didn’t need and line all my drawers. I was surprised at how expensive pretty drawer liners are. Eventhough no one will see my inisde of the drawers, it’s something that I wanted to do for myself. I discovered that I could use my left over wallpaper. Even if you don't have any wallpaper its still a cheaper solution than buying liners in the store or online.

Step 1:Measuring

Measuring the drawers to get dimensions. Take the level and put it on the wallpaper where you are going to cut. This will guarantee a good cut.

Step 2: Adhesive

After cutting, take the sheets of wallpaper and turn it over on the reverse side and add 4 strips of adhesive. Put the adhesive on four ends. Put pressures on the wallpaper so it sticks well.

Tip: If you don't put presures the wallpaper will not stick well.

Step 3: Test

Keep the drawers open for a few hours before you add stuff on them. This will test which wallpaper needs more adhesive. I used scotch reusable adhesive strips, almost any strips work.

Step 4: Adding the stuff.

Keep your drawers simple and don't pack so much stuff that you can't see the pretty design.The whole purpose is to create pretty drawers. Whatever you decide to use to line the drawers pick something that will match your decor.

Suggested materials:
  • Wallpaper   (Graham & Brown)
  • Scotch adhesive strips   (Walmart)
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