1. Turn Pallets Into Trash Can Storage

Keeping pesky critters away from your trash can be tough, but Hometalker Amanda tackled the issue by creating some simple but effective trash can storage out of free pallets and some hinges. Her clever design not only opens at the top for trash to be deposited, but it also features doors so the cans can be taken to the curb on trash day. Simple! Get tutorial here

2. Use a Bucket as Hose Storage

Another common outdoor item that we often struggle to store effectively is a hosepipe and its various accessories. Fortunately, Hometalker Tina has come up with the great idea of screwing a gallon bucket to the wall and wrapping the pipe around it. The center of the bucket can also then be used to safely store any sprinklers or hose ends. Get tutorial here

3. Make a Pallet Into Pool Storage

Finding somewhere to easily store wet clothes, towels or items used in a swimming pool can also be difficult, but Hometalker Deborah came up with this great outdoor organization idea. She took an old pallet, screwed it to a fence and added hooks to the top. While towels can hang from the hooks, the pool noodles sit neatly inside the pallet. Get tutorial here

4. Use a Shoe Rack as Outdoor Organization

Finding a new use for old household items can be very satisfying, and this is one of several outdoor organization ideas which does just that. Hometalker CreekLineHouse needed somewhere to store garden tools and realized she could use an old shoe rack. The angled shelving offers easy access and we love how she has used plant pots as containers too. Get tutorial here

5. Create Some Firewood Storage

Having access to dry firewood is always useful as the cold weather begins to draw in, and Hometalker Zest It Up created a great outdoor organization solution with that in mind. The impressive wooden frame is finished off perfectly with some corrugated steel roofing, and the final design brings some real rustic charm to this property’s outdoor space. Get tutorial here

6. An Easy Way to Hide Trash Cans

Many people store their trash cans to the side of their homes, and Hometalker Morgan came up with this great outdoor organization idea to keep them nicely hidden. They made a base out of some discarded fence posts and then added some lattice to one side. It is a simple and stylish idea which will mean your bins are no longer visible from the street. Get tutorial here

7. Transform a Magazine Basket

Great outdoor shed organization ideas are always needed, and this project where a Hometalker has breathed new life into a metal magazine basket could be one. She repainted it and added some old food cans to make a caddy for everything from garden tools to gloves. It is a simple but elegant idea that could be handy in many homes. Get tutorial here

8. Create a Cabinet From Pallets

Any regular visitor to this site will know how handy pallets can be around the home, and in this project, a pallet was transformed into a garden tool cabinet. Hometalker Lovesunique added hooks and bins as storage in her cabinet, while she also gave the front a burst of color with some blue paint. Hung on a wall, it is a fine addition to this garden. Get tutorial here

9. Use Pallet Wood to Conceal Bins

When Hometalker Christine became tired of looking at trash cans on the porch, she decided it was time for action. She created a simple but stylish unit for the bins to sit in, before then adding a lid and hinges. The box was then stained, and it has turned out to be a simple and straightforward way to conceal bins and improve outdoor organization. Get tutorial here

10. Transform a Plastic Container

This Hometalker imaginatively turned to using a recycled cat litter container when they wanted to create some personalized pool storage. The plastic container was spray-painted with the desired color, and they then added a monogram using a permanent marker. Featuring a lid and a handle, it is an easy way to store and carry wet items used in the pool. Get tutorial here

11. Make a Stylish Pool Organizer

Another one of our outdoor organization ideas which makes use of a wooden pallet, this project combines one with vintage door knobs for some simple swimming pool storage. One of the most eye-catching aspects of this design is undoubtedly the splash of color which has been added, as it means the pallet would be a striking addition to any garden. Get tutorial here

12. Use a Ladder as Shelving

Toys for the pool and garden can easily become clutter in any outdoor space, but this project highlights how an old ladder can be effectively used as a straightforward storage solution. Boards have been installed across the ladder’s frame to create shelving, and wire baskets have been added to hold all of the various toys that need to be stored. Get tutorial here

13. Simple Storage for Water Guns

This project offers up some great inspiration if you’re looking to make a fun storage solution for your children’s water guns. Hometalker Andrew created a small unit out of some pallet wood and then added Command hooks for the water guns to hang from. Some stenciled lettering and edging made from a pool noodle really finish the piece off in style. Get tutorial here

14. Revamp an IKEA Kallax Unit

This outdoor organization idea effectively brings items for the pool indoors in a stylish way. Hometalker Lina has used a Kallax unit from IKEA as storage for everything from swimsuits and sunscreen to goggles and towels. Placed close to the back door, the unit also includes extra hooks on the side for hanging and storing even more items. Get tutorial here

15. Make a PVC Towel Rack

Hometalker Ann-Marie wanted to create a poolside rack for wet towels without spending a fortune, so she decided to tackle the issue by making use of PVC piping and connectors bought from a local hardware store. The finished rack can hold up to 10 towels and could make a simple and functional addition to many swimming pool areas. Get tutorial here

16. Keep Your Outdoor Cushions Dry

Going into the garden on a morning and discovering your outdoor seating is wet or covered in leaves can be frustrating, but this outdoor organization idea goes some way towards tackling that. Hometalker Jim created a hanging area for the cushions out of a simple piece of wood and some hooks, meaning his days of wet seating are now truly over. Get tutorial here

17. Create a Nautical-Themed Towel Hanger

Outdoor organization ideas should always be very functional, but – as this project shows – that does not need to come at the expense of style. Hometalker Jessica created a great-looking towel hanger out of some scrap wood, screws and dock cleats, while she added a fishing net found at a dollar store to give it a fantastic nautical look. Get tutorial here

18. Bring New Style to an Old Shed

Outdoor shed organization ideas can always be effective when it comes to storage, but it is a sad truth that such units can easily end up neglected over time. This project offers some inspiration if you want to revamp a tired shed, with Hometalker Victoria giving it a welcome paint job and adding stenciling to the door to create a stylish look. Get tutorial here