Candy Pantry

Shelly L Nemeth
by Shelly L Nemeth
3 Materials
20 Minutes
When you were young did your Aunt have a candy drawer? Well mine did, I loved going to visit. Auntie always bought such a variety of great candy. We couldn't wait to get into the door and pick our candy for the visit. I decided to carry the tradition but with a twist. I decided to turn my pantry shelves into a candy shop. This is fun and yummy way to reward your children, but of course using their allowance. I also allowed them to pick a treat on their birthdays for free.
I bought some vintage candy jars and set them up on the shelf. Clean the jars and make sure they are fully dry. The jars are a little tricky to find, I found mine at a yard sale but you could buy some new ones at Ikea, Walmart, and other local craft stores.
After I made sure my jars were fully dried I used these chalk board labels that I bought at my local 99 cent store. I then adhered them onto the fronts of the jars.
To adhere the labels I laid my jar down and found where I wanted to have my label. I placed my label more to the top of the jar this way when the candy gets low the kids could still see the candy in the jar. Then with the jar still laying down and the label is secure I used the chalk that came with to write the candy and price.
Once I had all my labels on my jars I chose the candies that I wanted inside of the jars and filled them. I didn't have much candy on hand so I just used what I had until I was able to go to the store and get some more. I found a local wholesaler to stock up and they carry nostalgia candies to make it a bit more fun for the kids.  
Once all your candy jars are filled, you can now open up your own candy pantry and let your kids go wild. I did limit my kids however so at night they are not bouncing off the walls hahah enjoy!
Suggested materials:
  • Jars   (Yard sale, Ikea, Walmart)
  • Candy   (Big Boy Ice Cream)
  • Lables   (99 Cent Store)
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