DIY Pantry (For Just $11)

Melanie Czoka
by Melanie Czoka
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We have a small kitchen, and I was in desperate need of a pantry. We spent just $11 on supplies, and I love the result. So much storage!
Need a pantry? Pick a place that you can hang shelving for your food. We chose the wall leading to our basement, since the door is just off the kitchen.
Buy your supplies. We chose inexpensive over the door hangers that could be screwed to the wall. We also bought some hooks to hang things.
Hang your shelving first, since it takes up the most space. Make sure that you measure so that you can fit the most into your small space.
Add a few hooks for extra storage. We found our hooks at Dollar Tree and they fit perfectly into the spaces that were too small for a shelf. We use them to hang lunch boxes, reusable shopping bags, etc. These would also be great for hanging Dollar Tree baskets.
Enjoy! This has worked so well for us! We did something similar in our homeschool room for activitie, but that's a different post.
Suggested materials:
  • Over the Door Shelves   (Staples or Target or Walmart)
  • Hooks   (Dollar Tree or a Hardware Store)
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  • Car19743334 Car19743334 on Jun 24, 2017
    Not really a? But I was antique shopping and found a old Jack Daniels tin and made it my little pantry for my semi hold little cans of veggie perfectly.

  • Just to tell you you could have made shelves out of lumber put a edge on them
    and had more storage just build up from the bottom ledge which u already use and now take those shelf thing white and screw them onto your wood shelbed
    BAMM ! More storage

  • Beddy Doe Beddy Doe on Jun 24, 2017
    Lucky you to have a wall that wasn't already occupied. I have a pantry, It's just about deep enough for two small soup cans and approximately 10 inchs wide. The space allows for two shelves. With all your wall space I would have put up wooden shelves.

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  • Bay30450648 Bay30450648 on Oct 18, 2017
    Thanks!!! I live on a boat!!! This is cheap great and wont mold or rust and i love it. Dollar store has great tools n stuff to do this

  • Ticia Ticia on Jun 17, 2020

    When I lived in a 1925 house in NY, there was no pantry in the small kitchen so I utilized the shelving pictured above along the wall of my stairs to the basement. It was a great help to not have to utilize all my cabinets for food items and made it easy to reach those things used infrequently. Otherwise most things were stored on shelves in the basement. There was no other place to do it.