Organize Your Pantry With Recycled Jars

Organize your pantry and store bulk food purchases using containers you already have! Save money and the environment by using recycled jars for storage.
About a year ago, I got sick of all the mess and clutter in the pantry. I decided to organize my pantry and recycled all of my plastic storage containers.

Since then, I've started using all kinds of other containers to store our bulk grocery purchases. Since my motto is "make it, don't buy it," I prefer to use containers we already have instead of buying new ones. Here are some tips I've learned while organizing my pantry this last year.

Organizing with Glass Jars

Glass jars are best for freezing, so I keep yeast and homemade breadcrumbs in recycled spaghetti sauce jars in the freezer. We eat a lot of popcorn and different types of beans (not together!), so those items stay in the pantry in canning jars.

Organizing with Plastic Jars

Recycled plastic containers are useful, too. I don't microwave in them or freeze them, but they're perfect in the pantry where little hands might reach (and drop) them. The ones on the ends originally held cashews and the ones in the middle were peanut butter jars. These hold oats, homemade rice-a-roni mix, pasta, and cornmeal.

Organizing with Jumbo Plastic Containers

You can also use jumbo plastic containers (like the ones for cookies or pretzels) to hold flour or sugar. Since I started baking our sandwich bread, I have lots of flour on hand. These large containers are easy to fit a measuring cup into, as well.
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  • Elizabeth Haire Elizabeth Haire on Jun 24, 2021

    I keep dried beans and pastas in a row of these in my kitchen. I include cooking directions, too ☺️ either inside or on the outside of the jar. Helps with remembering what I have and which I need to replenish.

    You can leave these plain or embellish to coordinate with your decor.

    I also use them to hold small nails and screws and keep them with the hammer and other tools in my hall closet.

    Near my sewing/craft area I use these for button sorting and other small items that are more easily seen in these clear containers.

    Good post. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hil79441372 Hil79441372 on Mar 19, 2023

    Peanut butter jars are not a good idea - be aware no matter how much you may clean them out before use - it can make someone instantly deathly ill if they are allergic to nuts. If refilling to give as a gift - make sure they have no nut allergies.