Line A Tiny Pantry With Baskets

Build the wood frame of the cabinet to the size needed for space, and categorize items for each basket. Get tutorial here

Remodel Your Pantry With A Chalkboard Sign

Tear out the old cupboard, install drywall, and paint the door with chalkboard paint. Get tutorial here

Press Decorative Laminate On An Air Box

Smooth out pretty laminate paper on your air box and paint the walls of the pantry a sea foam blue. Get tutorial here

Cover Shelves In A Pretty Liner

Transport snacks into decorative glass jars, then measure and cut the shelf liner to size. Get tutorial here

Pull Out A Rolling Pantry

Figure the style desired for the pantry, attach casters, and drill in a knob. Get tutorial here

Build A Pantry Just Outside The Kitchen

Cut out the lathe and plaster wall, tuck away old wiring, then paint the shelves and trim white. Get tutorial here

Open Your Pantry With A Sliding Door

Drill in a roller stay on the bottom of the door and adjust the straps to ensure they hang over the door correctly. Get tutorial here

Replace Wire Shelving With Wood

Rip out your old wire shelves, install 2 X 3’s for the 3 shelves, and tile the shelves. Get tutorial here

Spread Green Damask Paper On Shelves

Build a bead board backing in the pantry, paint with Valspar’s mint green, and coat each shelf in pretty damask paper. Get tutorial here

Extend Shelving For More Items

Measure out the shelving you already have, cut wood with added 15 inches, and cover with a shelf liner. Get tutorial here

Roll On Faux Wood With Walls Republic

Prime the entire pantry, and apply the Walls Republic faux wood with wallpaper adhesive. Get tutorial here

Make Your Pantry Open By Removing The Doors

Take out the shelves and doors to the pantry, install bean boarding, and paint. Get tutorial here

Carve A Section For Your Coffee Needs

Construct the pantry without a backing and put extenders into the electrical outlets. Get tutorial here

Build A Custom Pantry For Your Favorite Foods

Construct two main sections for the pantry and leave space at the top for crown moulding. Get tutorial here