What are Dorm room necessities?

by Mari
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  • 27524803 27524803 on Jun 22, 2018
    Call the college... as them for a listing of items that can be put in a room... small refrigerator, storage drawers, definitely Command Hooks, Pinterest.com may also be able to help.... ask your friends on Facebook... you will get some good suggestions there.... especially from parents and kids in college

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 22, 2018
    Bedding, mini frig, microwave and some like an infra-red hot plate for making snacks and fast meals.... a store of quick meals like Ramen, Mac N Cheese, soups, popcorn etc. If your a big coffee drinker, a coffee pot. A saucepan and Red Copper frying pan, microwave cassarole dish, a couple bowls, silverware etc., hot mitt., bookcase, adjustable clip on light, laptop, hangers, a power strip, and a wall electrical extender. Towels, bathroom supplies. Clock radio. Couple posters. Couple underbed plastic storage bins. https://grownandflown.com/10-dorm-essentials-put-top-list/

  • Dfm Dfm on Jun 23, 2018
    Talk with the collage for a list of what to bring and not to bring. It’s usually included in the college orientation for freshmen. All electrical cords had to be inspected all small appliances as well. If the cords had nicks in them they had to be replaced. If you are shareing a room with with other students, a trunk that you can lock up is handy.

  • Cathy Dillon Cathy Dillon on Jun 23, 2018
    OMG what an expensive topic. Some of the stuff the college sells you or tries to sell you is icky and overpriced, I'm sure.Mattress sizes can be very odd. Bring YOUR OWN PILLOW!

    My daughter drove herself and her harp and absolutley filled up the rest of the Honda fit with her stuff. Another friend FLEW to his college With his parents and they bought whatever he wanted together- and in conjunction with his roommates. Eg: share a small fridge if it allowed. Bed Bath and Beyond had/has a deal where you shop locally and pay, and they ship it to the student at the dorm address.

    One thing my daughter needed was more DRAWER SPACE: for clothes and " desk stuff". She used one (or more) of the plastic drawer rolly carts. Plus some sort of underbed box, plus reused the cardboard cherry boxes she packed in. That was awkward, more drawers would have been nicer, but she labeld the boxes and it worked out. It had been calculated very carefully how many would fit in the car once the harp was in.

    One thing that was vital was a POWERBAR ( actually several) with a lighted on/ off. And EXTENSION CORDS also with on/off inline switch. . And of course the appropriate CHARGERS for your laptop and phone. The LIGHTING in her room was terrible!! . When I visited we rigged up a light for the closet. It is possible to use a utility light with a hook, connected to a power bar or additional cord that you would will use as the on/off switch. You can put that sort of light practically anywhere, and if the cord is not likely to be disturbed much, a strong command hook would be sufficient. DUCT TAPE or those velcro cord " bracelets" or zip ties can help control the cord clutter. Your extra long cords may allow you to place the " main" switch where ever you want and still run your cords around the perimeter of the room. If trying to purchase " "blind" you will be much happier with extra length than discovering it's too short.

    Another crisis was CLEANING. Something like a mini vacum might be good - she had a broom and dustpan. And PLASTIC garbage container or plastic lined (in case of liquid garbage). We also have a " trick" of using a " shaggy" bathmat with rubber backing on the way in to the " house" or the bed. Those mats ( Royal Velevet used to have the nicest ones) hold so MUCH dirt! and they can be picked up and shaken out outdoors. It saves a lot of vacuming, and the mat is washable in the washing machine, although should not go in the dryer.

    Yet another category of storage or expense is some sort of ( lightweight maybe foldabe fabric) hamper for dirty LAUNDRY and way to transport the stuff you'll need: she used these " single dose" detergent+ plus fabric softer sheets. They come in a box about the size of a baby wipes container. Depends on the costs of the laundry facilities, but they usually make you pay a lot. Clothes might very well come " home" damp if you run out of quarters!

    The typical dorm room is SMALL, but she insisted that she have an additional FOLDING CHAIR for "company". She chose a " camp chair". Even though those are bulky, it was a refielf to have a slouchy place to sit that's not your bed.

    Another storge item: include at least one tin or very sturdy plastic box for food/chocolate/snacks. A cookie tin would be good.

    Good luck!

  • Cathy Dillon Cathy Dillon on Jun 23, 2018
    P.S. I agree that some lockable / hidden storage is a must. Some roommates can be careless and friends of friends can be nosy (or thieves). Cash, for example, might be too tempting, and should be at the very least out of sight. We used a hollowed out book: copy of passport and copy of driver's lisc. Warranty on the new computer? Plane ticket home? Whatever would be too expensive, difficult to replace if needed or sentimental to loose. Have them consider what items may be better tucked in a safe place, and define a suitable way to secure them. Also; important contact info: Full names, phone numbers and addresses written out on paper. In our case with the car, a copy of the insurance card. Be prepared!