How to Make a Flip Flop Bin for Storage and Organization

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It's Flip Flop Season! Yah one of my favorite times of the year. I have so many flip flops and I needed to tame this mess in my closet.

I was storing my flip flops in a plastic drawer making it difficult to find the matching pair.
Flip flop storage before.
I made this out of wood and added some ropes to give it a beachy theme.

Line up the edges of the 13 1/2 inch board with the 16 1/2 inch board, apply wood glue along the edge and nail the edges together.  Repeat this until all the sides are glued and nailed together.  
I think my closet looks much better now. I was able to fit 20 pairs of flip flops in the bin.
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Glue and staple the plywood to the bottom of sides to make the bottom.   
I used wood filler to fill in the nail holes and sanded the whole piece.

While the wood filler was drying I made the dividers.  To get the measurements of the dividers I measured the length, width and depth of the inside of the box allowing for a little extra space on the sides to be able to slide the dividers in and out. For the height I made my cuts slightly shorter than the height of the sides. 

To make the dividers I started by measuring out and marking three equal distances across the board where I wanted my dividers to cross.  
There are two ways to create the slits for the dividers. One way is to use a saw and cut away at the slits little by little until you have cut out enough width so the dividers can slide in the slit.  In this case 1/4 inch.  The other way is to make two cuts on either side of the slits and then use a screwdriver head to pop out the remaining attached piece.  

Here is a tutorial to help you How to Make Wood Dividers.

It was now ready to be stained, painted, labeled and roughed up beach style.  These steps are completely optional, but since flip flops represent summer and the beach to me I though it only fitting to give the flip flop bin some summer style. I stained the whole piece then added some chalk paint in random areas. Then I covered it all in a coat of white paint.
At this point I was left with a white box.  I used 80 grit sand paper and sanded all over the piece.  As I sanded, the stain, yellow and green/blue started to come through giving a beach like appearance.  I loved how it was turning out.  

Then I painted Flip Flops on the side and added some rope handles using hose clamps.
So much better now!

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Thank you for checking out this project. To see more about this project and other DIY and home decor projects please come visit me.

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Suggested materials:
  • Wood   (hardware store)
  • Plywood   (hardware store)
  • Nail gun   (hardware store)
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  • Nancy Wilson Nancy Wilson on May 22, 2018

    I like the idea of making it of wood, but some of us are not able to do that. I'm thinking of seniors or apartment dwellers who don't have access to the place or tools to create wood projects. about a liquor box? Wine and liquor (and even some bottled drinks at the grocery store) come in boxes just this size and have dividers already in place. A quick cover with wallpaper or contact paper inside and out will achieve the same goal (albeit not as permanent but certainly durable as anyone knows who has used a liquor box to move). This is a great storage solution for kids shoes in their closet as well. Great idea!

  • Sonjabeattie Sonjabeattie on May 29, 2018

    i can not determine what you made the shelves from.

    i have large storage bins from moves. Some are in great condition but are empty and just taking up needed space and plain looking ugly . I do not want to throw away. So how to I make atleast some of them functional? Other than throwing a table cloth over them and using as a table???

    I want to use as attractive storage for seasonal clothes?

    I just need to disguise them?😱

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  • Deb Hedgecough Ludwig Deb Hedgecough Ludwig on Aug 11, 2019

    I live in flip flops or house shoes! I have more than 20 pair of flip flops! This is a great idea, I am a senior citizen and have tools for wood projects. I live in Florida, and will make this for sure ☺️

  • JR Pablo JR Pablo on Jan 11, 2022

    I have family in Hawaii. They always have lots of rubber slippers (flip flops) piled up in the entry. I’m sending your project to them. Really cute.