10+ Organizing Ideas at Almost No Cost !!

by Sahana
If you are following me you might know I have done many recycling projects like containers makeover, glass etching in the empty pickles jar, cereal box organizing and more. When I was thinking of more ideas, I find most of the materials I have re-purposed or recycled are from my kitchen pantry.So, today I decided to combine all the ideas and put it in one place so that it is easy for you to follow if you decide to organize any space in your house on a budget. I have used and I am using all these stuff to organize my craft space.No problem, if you are not a crafter, I also have ideas on how to use these ideas for organizing some other areas in your house. So, continue to read my friend!! If I can organize on a budget, you can also!!! Let's dive in to see the ideas.
1) Carton boxes as baskets:

We buy those 32 packs of Frito lays chips at times when we crave for variety. I collected those boxes to make big baskets. You can use big diaper boxes or shipping boxes or those big boxes in which your food processor or blender or bread toaster(Shown) came in for making baskets for storage. To do this.

1) Cut the top portions of the boxes.

2) Cover them with Kraft paper or contact paper or even wrapping paper. Whichever is easy for you. You can get all of these at dollar stores. If you ask me, I would say my favorite is wood grain contact paper as it gives a look of real wood. I prefer contact paper as it is easy to use and reduces one more step of using transparent tape to secure.
Once you covered, you can use them to store a lot of miscellaneous items.I use them to store bamboo skewers, pipe cleaners, extra masking tapes, scrap poster boards, etc etc. The list just goes on.

If you are not a crafter, you can use them to store your kids toys or if you don't have shelves in your closet use them to store socks(Fold two socks together by holding the edges of the socks ,split them in such a way three layers on one side and one on the other and by turning and stuffing make a ball of socks so the pair of socks is together.(Picture here).Say "No More searching" for the pair when you are in hurry).If space is a constrain where you live, these baskets are very useful as it saves a lot of space and holds a lot of items organized.
If it is a small box, repeat the same step by cutting the top portion. If you want, cut a small opening on both sides to act as a handle and then cover it with contact paper.
I used this box with the opening facing front in my shelf(last picture above) and so it acts as a shelf within a shelf. I used this to store paints. I glued some paper towel tubes in the corner to store the paint pen .So all things paint are in the same place. Organized and also saves place.You can stack the small baskets like this to utilize the space.
Above shown are the two ideas to use cereal boxes, one as a storage box and other as a magazine holder. You can find the details on how to make this and rest of the ideas on my blog.
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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