How I Turned Cardboard Boxes Into a Christmas Yard Display

by Melly
How we used old cardboard boxes to create a ONE OF A KIND GINGERBREAD HOUSE yard display for Christmas this year.
I have four shutters on the front of my house. I used large cardboard boxes to make coverings for my shutters. We are turning our house into a GIANT Gingerbread House for Christmas and we made most of the decorations out of old cardboard boxes.
For the other three windows on the front of my house we covered the frames with more cardboard that we made to look like candy striped sticks.
These are made out of wood. They would be exposed to the weather so I cut these out of wood and painted them. I have one on each side of my porch to welcome my visitors.
These are also made out of wood. I wanted to make sure we had these little gingerbread people to welcome visitors to our "CANDY CANE LANE"
To line our sidewalk we took PVC poles and red duct tape and attached a solar light to the top. We pounded re-bar into the ground and slipped the light poles over the re-bar to add more holiday cheer to our Ginger Bread House
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