D.I.Y Crate Shelf

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I had so much fun making this crate shelf. I'm so glad I made this because I've been looking for something just like it but there so expensive and this in total was under $35 dollars which is AWSOME!! I hope you guys enjoyed this video and find it helpful

What I used:
9 small crates 9x9 something (Walmart or dollar tree) (how ever many you want)
2 coral spray paint (any color) (u might only need 1 if u already know how to use it)
zip ties
1 foamboard
exact-o knife or knife

1. First thing is arrange the crates exatly how you want them to be

2. Once you figured how you want them grab your zip ties and zip tie them. Make sure it's really secure so they don't fall apart .

3. Then once you got them all zip tied and secure go ahead and cut the extra ties as close as you can get them

4. After that find an area where you can spray paint the shelf either on the ground it self or under a blanket or a piece of wood anything really something that you don't care that get paint on it

5. Spray paint the shelf and follow the directions on the spray paint

6. Let it dry according to the spray paint directions

7. Once it's dried it time to measure the inside bottom of the crate

8. The with the foam board measure out the measurement that you got from the inside bottom of the crate with a pencil and a ruler

9. Once that is done go ahead and take a exact-o knife or a knife and the ruler and start cutting the line you created to the foam board

10. Do all for however many crate's you have

11. Once done it's time to hang

12. Use any thing that u want to hang it with hooks, or nails which ever you prefer

13. The hang it up make sure it is really secure

14. Then last thing is decorate it with whatever you want to use it for. I used mine
for my make-up but you can use it for school, bathroom things, small clothes pretty much whatever you want

That is how you make the D.I.Y Shelf Crate I hope you like it and give it a try it was a very fun project to make thanks for watching
Arange to how you want it
Zip ties them together after you arange them to your liking then cut off excess zip ties

Spray paint the crates
Let dry
Then measure out the bottom inside of the crates on the foam board
once measured and cut insert them into the crate adjust size if needed
The finished look

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  • Jean Jean on Sep 18, 2017
    Why did you put foam board in some of the bottoms and not others?

  • Mpv26632059 Mpv26632059 on Sep 25, 2017
    Query: I am using spray paint but it is dropping sploches. Is there a way to stop this. I shake and shake it but as I spray it leaves great blobs that I have to use a brush to smear it over the object.

  • Pat Pat on Oct 17, 2017
    What were the hooks used for?

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