Easy DIY "Magic" Pantry Canister Labels

When the only way I could tell my baking flours apart was via a smudged acronym scrawled on the base of my canisters, it was time for a better label system!

Enter these amazing (and totally professional-looking!) "magic" decals that absolutely anyone can make.

This tutorial has been summarised slightly for Home Talk. Find the complete how-to and source list here on my blog.

To begin, print your labels onto the glossy side of some Waterslide Decal Paper (this specialty paper can be found online and in some craft or hobby stores).

You can find my canister labels as a free printable over on my blog if you'd like to use them.

Next, separate the translucent protective paper from some Magic Coating Paper (again, you can find Magic Coating Paper online or in some craft or hobby stores). Do not throw the translucent paper away.

Place the Magic Coating Paper gloss side up on your table. Lay the Waterslide Decal Paper printed side down on top of the Magic Coating Paper. Place the translucent protective paper on top of the Waterslide Decal Paper (the translucent paper is designed to act as a protective barrier of sorts between the paper and laminator heat).

Laminate your stack of three papers (note that laminating pouches are not needed as laminating is performed to fuse the Waterslide Decal Paper and Magic Coating Paper together).

Next, discard the translucent paper. Your Waterslide Decal Paper and Magic Coating Paper should now be fused together. Trim closely around your image – you can see it quite easily through the paper if you hold it up to the light.

To attach the decal to your canister, start by dampening the back of the Waterslide Decal Paper (watermarked side) with a cloth until it becomes translucent. Wait around 15 seconds then gently peel the paper away completely.

Immerse the decal in some water to dampen the other side then position it, image side down, on your item, smoothing it with your fingers and a slightly damp cloth to remove excess water.

Next, carefully slide off the backing paper and manipulate the decal into its exact position then continue to smooth it until it is water and air bubble free.

Finally, set the decal by either:
  • Baking in an oven for 8 minutes at 150 degrees celsius.
  • Cooking in a microwave for 5 minutes on low.
  • Blowing with a hairdryer for 5 – 10 minutes.

I completed this project five years ago now and the labels still look as good today as they did back then! Such a fun, easy and professional-looking DIY!

They are super durable, being heat, scratch and water resistant. That said, I do suggest treating them with some care and cleaning gently by hand.

I hope you like this project and that it helps inspire!
Visit my blog post (link below) for further photos, the full tutorial - which covers each stage in detail - the free printable labels and all of the product source info.
Kristine | The Painted Hive
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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