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Nadine Hartman Bourne
by Nadine Hartman Bourne
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I never seem to have enough counter space. Too much stuff too many kitchen gadgets, and I don't seem able to give any of it up. Some people can do that minimalist thing. But, I seem to need my stuff. So what to do??? Lean to utilize the space that is just space.
This is what I started with. A space saving wire plate stacker stuffed with flavored tea, and the lazy Susan I made from old microwave plates and DVD's check my projects if you missed it. It was the very first post I did for Hometalk. and that was all I could think of to save space at the time. My dad recently gave me some old copper pipes and I did one project with them so far so why not use some more. I saw some copper baskets at Walmart and DING! I had an idea.
I bought 2 sets of the copper baskets they were $3 a set, I bought 2 shelf brackets at Lowes. They were something like $8 each. The brackets don't fit flush under the cabinet and meet the wall properly so no problem. I didn't really want them touching the wall anyway as I plan to tile it sometime in the next 80 years. I had my Hunny cut off part of the bracket and now had bare metal to deal with so off to the store for copper paint. In the baggies are end caps for the pipe.
The bracket on the right is before cutting and the one on the left is after the cut. Bare metal was exposed on the end of the flat bar that will get mounted under the cabinet and on the large coil.
Step one Primer. I got this Zinsser brand primer at Walmart a while back I think it was on clearance. I had gray and white. I recently read if you paint things white first the color comes out better brighter, pops something like that. So I went with the white.
Let the primer dry 30 minutes flip the brackets and spray the other side. It was a bit difficult getting it in all that curled metal.
Once the primer is dry repeat the process with the copper spray paint. I was in Lowe's The other day getting wood for a fence and I was supposed to get copper paint there but I forgot so I ended up at Walmart. They had two kinds of Copper paint Hammered which I really loved the look of but it was double the price as just plain copper, and I couldn't justify the expense for something that will hardly be seen.
Make sure you completely clean off the counter, It was difficult finding space to put it all, but I knew this was going to get messy. I can't seem to do anything that doesn't make a mess.
I had 3 curls to choose from so I held the bracket up with the rod threaded through to test which one the baskets would best hang from. The front two were to far away from the wall so the lowest furthest back curl would have to do.
Since I am only attaching with the top of the bracket I decided to put holes all the way through the cabinet floor, and use a pair of nuts and bolts for each. This required emptying part of the cabinet... great more stuff to put somewhere. If there is a flat surface in my house it is a junk magnet. I call it flat surface syndrome. It's a disease I'm looking for a cure. icon Having all those spices out of the cabinet I thought I might as well see if there is something I can do to better organize those so that will be my next post.
After I drilled the holes there was sawdust everywhere. I pulled out the vacuum and vacuumed the inside of the cabinet it seemed the easiest solution.
The underside of the cabinet, rod and brackets installed. See that lip at the back of the cabinet it's about half an inch thick. No way that bracket was going to go all the way back to the wall.
I had a bunch of shower curtain hooks that aren't currently being used. So I put them to work hanging the baskets on the copper pipe. Threaded them through the basket from the inside. I put them through from the outside and oops wrong way.
All 4 baskets fit across the pipe. That pesky cord is in the way I need to see if I can find a power strip with a flat plug.
And there we go lots more room for 2 people to cook in the kitchen at the same time. My lazy Susan was moved to the cabinet to the left and the paper towels were brought over from that cabinet on the left. Most of the bananas were cut up for smoothies, what was left barely fit in the basket. I also toyed with the idea of using a hook to hang them from one of the bracket curls. All of my flavored teas fit nicely in those baskets. Now if I could give up coffee. I could have even more room on the counter

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  • Ann Ann on Oct 11, 2017
    love your red coffee pot! Would you share where you got it? And is at a price that an old tight wad like me would pay?

  • Cherylhvac Cherylhvac on Oct 21, 2017
    love the idea... i read somewhere to hang anything that can be hung to eliminate clutter. this is perfect... and love the copper baskets. i have copper accents in my kitchen so this is a win-win... how long ago did you find these at Walmart?

  • Terry Terry on Nov 28, 2017
    Nadine, I love the baskets, also love UR cabinets did U do them, if so how. Please can U send me a link I would like to do mine. Thanks Terry Vanharte. ( sonluver@yahoo.com )

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  • Barbara Barbara on Nov 13, 2017
    banannas love to be hung on S hooks. That would liberate space in the basket

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jan 05, 2018
    I bought several of these baskets when I first saw them in Walmart, knowing I would use them, just not sure where or how. So far I've used them throughout my house, but, I love this idea!

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    • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jan 05, 2018
      I agree, I wish I had stocked up more, too!