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Cara Gawerecki
by Cara Gawerecki
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As I was preparing to leave as hurricane Irma was headed for me, I thought oh my pictures! Well our safe is big but full of other items so there was no room for my pictures. The prints would be lost forever if they got wet. So I thought ...... hey I have a food sealer .
I grabbed all the pictures I had and went to work. Sorry I didn't take the time to take pictures as I was sealing them.
as you can see I sealed them picture frames as all. Just added more bag so I could get them sealed. Items like my grand daughters colored picture I put in there as well! If it meant something to me I put it in a food saver bag.
Memories I didn't want to loose.
The house is fine no water damage or even wind damage. But my pictures were safe in case something did happen.
I had gotten this big box of food saver bags from a customer. It had some gallon size bags already to add what I needed inside. For that set of bags I put the pictures frames and all. You done have to vacuum the air out . Just make sure they are sealed good. I was blessed to get my food saver and bags from a customer. It sure has come in handy.
As you can see the bags were a good size, I carefully cut the bags so I could reuse them again for my pictures.
Suggested materials:
  • Food saver   (Walmart/ Sam's or Amazon)
  • Saver seal bags   (Walmart/ Sam's or Amazon)
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  • Pat Ruge Pat Ruge on Sep 18, 2017
    Cara, Wendy is right, this is great advice. Now that you have "weathered the storm" my advice is to convert all your pictures to digital. I did this years ago to save on the "cloud" (dropbox) or on a flash drive. I have three sons and now I can share all my pictures with all of them without any arguments. I converted 35mm slides and film, black & white photos, color photos and even 8mm movie film.

    • Cara Gawerecki Cara Gawerecki on Sep 18, 2017
      I will do that for sure. I used st scrapbook, kids don't want them anymore. So will get them on a flash drive and hard drive for the kids.

  • MahtaMouse MahtaMouse on Sep 27, 2017
    Be careful with both the "cloud" and flash drives. Flash drives do eventually corrupt and the "cloud" is not always without problem.

    I recently discovered that I lost a good dozen + important pictures that were on various flash drives; including a few pics of my late husband before we found out he was sick. It's recommended that all medium (flash drives, CDs) be periodically checked every so many (5 for flash drives? 10-15 for CDs?) years and re-saved to new medium... particularly flash drives which have a much shorter life span than a CD.

    As for the cloud; some years ago I backed my computer up to a very well known paid cloud based website in prep for reinstalling my OS. After testing with a download of one batch of files, I wiped my computer and reinstalled my OS only to discover that all my files & pics in the (i)"cloud" suddenly disappeared when I went to download them.... my entire computer: important files and pics lost, money down the drain, and excuses on their part.

    I now spread and duplicate pics and important files on both my computer, various free "cloud" based websites (avoiding the original company that lost all my files) and burn to CD as well. I figure if one site goes down, I have back up somewhere else.

    BTW, it's also been recommended by experts that copies of family pics be spread to family members as well.