Kitchen Organization With Pantry Storage Jars

Kitchen pantry jars labeled with vinyl letters.
Yikes! I’m going in….to the pantry that is. I’ve never been able to figure out how a panty can get so unorganized and out of control so quickly, especially when I’m the only one who does the cooking. As you can see by the photo my easy fix for covering it all up is to put a cute curtain on the pantry door. Ah!! out of sight out of mind. I don’t know why but this is one space in our house I couldn’t live without but it’s also the spot I hate to clean the most.
No sense in complaining I may as well get on with the task. Welllllll I got a little sidetracked and decided to make my baking supply containers (1/2 gallon mason jars with white plastic storage caps) look attractive by lettering them with vinyl. I do say I love the look but after I got all my craftiness out of the way I decided to leave the pantry for another day. I’m going to dinner with a friend so maybe tonight after I get home, or maybe I’ll just let that curtain stay in place a while longer.

Tip: If you decided to do this to your containers make sure you find the middle of your jar, place the center letter there, and letter out from that spot so the word is centered on the jar.
Tip: If you're not confident in your skills of getting the lettering on straight you can always use blue painters tape to give yourself a guideline to follow.
I purchase all my baking products in bulk, and by bulk I mean 50 pounds of flour at a time, so what I do is put the staples in 5 gallon food grade buckets and fill my pantry containers when they get low. I’m actually off to Shipshewana’s bulk food store this week with Grama Red and Aunt Sherri to stock up on supplies. I normally do this twice a year.
The pantry may be a mess, but my new labeled storage jars look cuter than ever on my kitchen counter. I like the artistic look of the words reflecting on the countertop, bet you didn’t notice that did you?
Dawn @ Creative Cain Cabin
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  • Noreen Schaan Noreen Schaan on Aug 27, 2019

    This is a very clever idea and I like the fact that you can reuse your jars. This is definitely going to be something that I am going to do. Thanks for sharing this idea.

    Psst..I did notice the letters reflected on the countertop!😉

    Keep on DIY'ing..oh yeah 😊💖👌

  • Dominicamatthews Dominicamatthews on Oct 02, 2019

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