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by Adrienne402010
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My mom was cleaning out her classroom and decided to get rid of some magazine racks that she had been using to help organize her class. I just bought a new RV and was looking for storage alternatives. While I have only created 2 crafty projects, I'm sure I'll think of plenty more in the near future.
I was gifted with about 15 black magazine racks.
Paint the inside and out of rack. I've chosen a brassy colored spray paint. Two coats should do it...
Beginning Project 1 ... Using eyeball-thumb measuring, I placed the rack up to the wall to get an approximate area of where the command strip needed to be placed. The command adhesive hook was applied. There is a small square at the bottom of the magazine rack where the hook will hold the rack up.
With my same measuring skills, I've used another adhesive hook at the top to hold it in place. Of course, I could have used just the command strip without the hook, but I'm using what I have and trying something new!
With the magazine rack that sits alone, I decided to use only the adhesive strip because it has no support wall and this will add more stability. I've also added a little cheese flare and cohesiveness with 3M copper glitter tape.
I've thrown in a bright flower to make it all pop! End of project 1.
Beginning project 2 ... Using snips, I trimmed the magazine rack down. The top has rough edges but this won't matter in the end.
I first lined one side, the inside, with plastic wrap. I don't want the moss falling everywhere. Of course, you can use a cloth of fabric to your liking and stuff it with whatever you want.
After lining, I placed two types of the foam inside. No reason ... Just had two kinds. The foam is pressed against the back of the rack, leaving a gap between the plastic lining and the foam. This area is stuffed with moss. After stuffing the moss, I covered the top and tucked the plastic down the back. I stuck my faux flowers though the plastic, down into the foam. I then arranged the flowers, added some of the 3M glitter tape and pressto ...
Using, once again, my eyeball-thumb measuring, I hung my wall treatment up with command strip hooks.
End of Project 2.

Between Walmart and Dollar Tree, I've pulled off two hacks. These two projects, while a little cheesy, are still cost affective and useful. Your creativity will determine your "cheese" factor! Lol.

Project Needs: Magazine Rack(s), spray paint, industrial snips (or something to cut hard plastic), faux flowers and foam, moss (if wanted), 3M decorative tape, variety of Command Strip based hooks, plastic wrap, scissors, and eyeball-thumb measuring!
Oops! Forgot this pic for project 1. This is the visual of the magazine rack attached to the wall with the hooks.
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  • Thanx Mom for the Magazine racks! Between Walmart and Dollar Tree, I've pulled off two hacks. Th
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