Asked on Mar 29, 2015

How to make an organized space for storing make-up and jewelry?

by Hot379824
I have only one room to use for storing my clothes, shoes, make-up and jewelry! I would like to reuse/re-purposed/recycled items as much as possible! I also need to include an area with good lighting, a place to sit with a mirror to get myself ready! Ideally I would like it to be retro/industrial/shabby chic utilizing every bit of space going as far as duo functionality of wherever possible! I know its a tall order but I am desperate as I have no closet space no dressers for my clothes! I literally have my belongings piled up in the room using cardboard boxes! I would be so grateful for any help with my big unorganized space as the clutter and lack of space and the absolute clutter is actually making me depressed!! HELP ME PLEASE!☺☺
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  • Jill Vokey Jill Vokey on Mar 29, 2015
    You could use an over the door jewelry organizer and use some of the pouches for your make-up.

  • Carolyn Carolyn on Mar 29, 2015
    I have also utilized wall space for jewelry organization. I use decorative boxes/cases and store my jewelry on wall shelving. See picture here:

  • Carolyn Carolyn on Mar 29, 2015
    bracelets are stored in case that is wide enough to hold two paint rollers cut in half and bracelets stored on that and case closed for display and dust free storage; it's the largest case in photo above

  • Carolyn Carolyn on Mar 29, 2015
    Bracelets are stored in largest case in photo to show display of bracelets on paint rollers; two of them cut in half and stored in case for dust free organization

  • Carolyn Carolyn on Mar 29, 2015
    pinterest will give a ton of decorating ideas for jewelry storage, and any storage

  • Sandy Schneider Paty Sandy Schneider Paty on Mar 29, 2015
    I took 2 old cookie sheets (you can paint them, wallpaper them, contact paper, etc) hung them on the wall. Put magnets on the back of the make-up & put on the cookie sheet. For my jewelry I covered an old bullentin board with fabric, used push pin tacks & hung my jewelry on them. Hope this was helpful.

  • Libby Walker Libby Walker on Mar 30, 2015
    I just saw a cute idea of using a vintage cheese grater to hang earrings on: You can paint it a fun, bright color.

  • Eugenia Read Eugenia Read on Apr 29, 2015
    No furniture, no problem. 4 crates/boxes or a couple of step stools, boards (pallets can be obtained for free from lumber store or maybe Home Depot), mirror from thrift store and you have a desk/makeup table. Need a dresser, use pallet boards again with baskets to store clothes. I could on and on with ideas, but, another great place to find furniture for cheap/free is your local thrift store, dump, or friends/family.

  • The Glass Slipper13 The Glass Slipper13 on Jun 02, 2015
    check out my pinterest board on jewelry storage and display ideas