Extend Tension Rods For Your Small Space

Stretch your tension rods at various lengths to deliver all of the shoe management you need. Get tutorial here

Use An Old Ladder To Hang Heels

Retire that worn out ladder to hold your heels, measure and cut the ladder to size. Get tutorial here

Repurpose A Walmart Powder Room Rack

Use that unloved Walmart rack and redesign it with gold quarter sized circles for your clogs. Get tutorial here

Insert Shelves For A Shoe Rack

Drill holes into shelves and use dowels to create a rack, and finish with spray paint. Just don’t forget to make room for your boots! Get tutorial here

Apply Laminating Cards For A Sneak Peek

Organize a photoshoot of your shoes, then pile them into a storage bin with the photos on the front. In a pinch, you can look and go. (Birdz of a Feat Get tutorial here

Handle Moulding To Hang Those Heels

Level and trim moulding in your closet, then cut out playful vinyl dots for a decorative holder for your dancing shoes. Get tutorial here

Hang Over The Door Hooks To Organize

Combine aluminum flashing and simple hardware hooks to deliver an over-the-door unit special for your shoes. Get tutorial here

Make Use Of Your Polaroid To Snap Your Shoes

Grab that Fuji Film Instax, a few 97 cent plastic shoe boxes, and your beloved pumps to deliver a quick and easy method to cleaning up your shoe act. Get tutorial here

Reuse That Outdated CD Tower

It’s all about ITunes now, so tossing that old CD Tower into a nifty shoe rack for your flip flops is a must. Get tutorial here

Reimagine Your Empty Amazon

Utilize that Amazon package box and some colorful duct tape to deliver a triangle shaped sneaker holder that saves space. Get tutorial here