Organize your jewelry on a pants hanger

Clear up clutter and maximize closet space by organizing all your jewelry on a single pants hanger. Get tutorial here

Add cable straps to a closet wall & fit more

This simple piece of hardware can double your closet storage space by making use of that back wall. Get tutorial here

Put your gift wrap on the wall

It's always a good idea to have gift wrap handy, but you want it out the way - here's the fix. Get tutorial here

Fill the space above your cabinets with boxes

Storing things above your cabinets can look messy...unless you prettify the boxes first! Get tutorial here

Line up your boots on PVC pipes

Make your own boot organizer using PVC pipes, and say goodbye to messy closet floors. Get tutorial here

Use the space under shelves for wine glasses

Add a piece of pallet to any shelf, and have automatic hanging storage space for wine glasses. Get tutorial here

Tuck the trash cans away

This DIY trash can cabinet is simple to make, and it's a great way to clear your kitchen of clutter. Get tutorial here

Hang folding chairs as stowable shelving

Put a few extra folding chairs on your wall, for foldable storage shelves to use when you need. Get tutorial here

Cut a shelf out of your drywall

Cut space from your wall and turn it into a builtin shelf space to store dishes or showcase decor. Get tutorial here

Add a large pegboard to your pantry for pots

Hang those hard-to-stow pots on a pegboard against the wall of your pantry - brilliant! Get tutorial here

Hang window boxes on the bathroom wall

Add some window boxes or baskets to your bathroom wall for ample toiletry storage. Get tutorial here

Make a pegboard wall in the garage

Tired of those boxes and shelves taking up space in your garage? This should help! Get tutorial here

Put up a vertical organizer in your closet

Nail some fabric and trim up on your wall, for this simple and stylish vertical organizer. Get tutorial here

Put drawers underneath your bed

If you have space under your bed, use some drawers from an unwanted dresser to create hidden storage. Get tutorial here

Store all your camis on an accessory hanger

Save yourself from bulky hangers crammed into a tight closet by consolidating on one hanger! Get tutorial here