Glue Wooden Knobs On A Tray

Hammer out any existing dents in the pan, and glue on the knobs with E6000. Get tutorial here

Clean Up Your Husband’s Razors With A Shelf

Cut boards the same length, glue dowels in, and spray paint. Get tutorial here

Hook On A Curtain Rod

Choose a rod big enough for your counter top and attach a Command Hook to hold up the rod. Get tutorial here

Inside Slide-Out Shelves

Install gap filler plywood strips, and drill pocket holes around the base. Get tutorial here

Cut Up A Diaper Box For Closet Storage

Chop the flaps off of the box and cut a line down each corner of the fabric. Get tutorial here

Spray Terra Cotta Plates For Canisters

Spray paint finials a metallic shade and super glue painted terra cotta plates to the finials. Get tutorial here

Get Cabinet Storage Shelves Out Of Wood

Measure and cut the wood to accommodate the size of the spices, and paint over in desired color. Get tutorial here

Chisel Into Palettes For A Mail Sorter

Mark down into the wood and nail the pieces together to secure. Get tutorial here

Clip Snipped Tissue Boxes In A Drawers

Cut down a tissue box and remove the adhesive covering, then connect other boxes together with a paperclip. Get tutorial here

Drill Pipe Clips For Utensils

Spray paint the clips copper and screw into a wood plank. Get tutorial here

Hammer Rectangular Frames For Shelves

Attach three sheets of plywood to the top frame and assembly over. Get tutorial here

Plop Plug Ins In A Bin

Place an 8 outlet bar into the bin and label with a chalkboard tag. Get tutorial here

Stock Shoes In A Storage Bench

Saw down pocket holes and connect, then trim out the sides with cove beads. Get tutorial here

Thrift A Spice Rack To Organize Crafts

Spray paint the rack a shining silver and apply labels on each bottle. Get tutorial here

Screw In Gizmos For Your Purses

Separate the “L” gizmos in two and simply hang your bags. Get tutorial here