Turn buckets into an art caddy

Keep your kid’s supplies in order with this easy to make caddy. Get tutorial here

Turn glasses into bathroom vanity storage

Add some handles to terra cotta saucers for cute tops. Get tutorial here

Spray paint bins into locker storage

We love the new looks to these plastic bins. Who knew dollar stores had such good taste? Get tutorial here

Stack some trays into a nail polish holder

Especially if you have tons of colors, this is perfect for having it all within reach. Get tutorial here

Paint a cardboard bin into a charging station

It hides all of the electronics while keeping them in one place. Get tutorial here

Paint a bin to look like a galvanized bucket

This is as simple as it gets. And your guests will love iot at your parties. Get tutorial here

Use jars to organize your spices

This keeps everything uniform and looking great. Get tutorial here

Use apothecary jars for makeup brushes

Keep everything organized and ready for your morning routine with these jars. Get tutorial here

Use placemats and bins to organize a fridge

Perfect for holding jars and condiments, this is the secret to an organized fridge. Get tutorial here

Glue plates into a jewelry stand

Use terra cotta or cheap candlesticks to make it a tier. Get tutorial here

Organize your under the sink with bins

These cost $1. Just stick on some chalkboard labels and you’re good to go. Get tutorial here

Create apothecary jars for your vanity

Or your kitchen countertop. These jars look good anywhere. Get tutorial here