Hooks Are Perfect For Putting Away Shoes

Clear Suction Wreath Hooks can be used to hang up your shoes from the floor to prevent disarray. Get tutorial here

Stack Multi Crates For A Storage Unit

Combine danish oil and a wood stain on the crates, then screw them together. Get tutorial here

Craft Tin Cans Into Pencil Holders With Spray

Clean out the tin cans, use tape to make a design, and spray paint a metallic finish on them. Get tutorial here

Organize Your Dog’s Toys With A Basket

Hang a wire basket with command strips, and hang a cute dog related sign above it. Get tutorial here

Build A Pegboard For A Clean Kitchen

Hang your utensils high by placing a pegboard on the wall, then attaching the different hooks. Get tutorial here

Make A Jewelry Organizer With Chicken Wire

Spray paint an old frame, choose a fabric underneath the frame, and put chicken wire over it Get tutorial here

Get Your Belts In Order With A Mini Hanger

Screw on hooks and simply put on your favorite belts. Get tutorial here

Decorate Your Hangers With A Bright Color

Use Rustoleum Ultra Cover on plain wooden hangers for a pop of color. Get tutorial here

Build A Shelf For Razors With Boards

Take two cut boards of the same length, then insert dowels in to hold trimmers. Get tutorial here

Create A Produce Stand For Counter Space

Have a place for potatoes and fruit by sanding down wood and drilling several holes. Get tutorial here

Organize Your Camis With A Hook

Use a $3 hook from walmart and slip all of your camisoles on it to save space in your drawers. Get tutorial here

Use Desk Organizers To Sort Food Storage

Take a folder organizer to put the tops to tupperware in and put the bottoms in a dish drying rack. Get tutorial here

Decorate Cardboard Boxes To Store Tea

Tea lovers, keep your packets in order by wrapping a box in 2 pieces of cut fabric. Get tutorial here

Use A Hanger For Your Scarves With Rings

Take a basic hanger, cover the curtain rings in twine, and attach with hot glue. Get tutorial here

Snip Up Your Jeans For A Pocket Organizer

Cut out the pockets to unused jeans and sew the rows together evenly. Get tutorial here

Build A Shoe Holder With Fabric

Take cotton fabric and put it underneath wooden dowels, then screw in hooks. Get tutorial here

Use Plastic Drawers To Clean Up Your Sink

Put under your sink 2-drawer units, and label them accordingly. Get tutorial here

Make Number Labels Out Of A Soda Can

Wash out the soda can, and affix them to clear number labels. Get tutorial here

Hang Up Your Ties With A Cooling Rack

Simply hang with command hooks, and organize your ties. Get tutorial here

Change Plastic Bins Into Freezer Storage

Use a label maker to title the bins accordingly, and decorate with bright colored labels. Get tutorial here

Decorate Dollar Wire Baskets To Hold Goods

Spray paint these Dollar Store bins for a decorative storage option in your home. Get tutorial here

Organize Shower Products With Colored Bottles

Stop confusion with color coordinated bottles for shampoo, and label what is in each bottle. Get tutorial here

Craft A Dispenser For Washi Tape From A Box

Cut down the box, attach wooden dowels, and cover in decorative paper. Get tutorial here

Get Your Plastic Bags In Order With A Bottle

Cut up a litre bottle of Coke, paint it your favorite color, and label with stickers. Get tutorial here

Clean Up Your Craft Room With Mason Jars

Gather your supplies in mason jars, and secure them with pipe clamps. Get tutorial here

Build A Nail Polish Rack From Wood

Take sheets of plywood, and the Ryobi Airstrike Brad Nailer to assemble. Get tutorial here

Hang Your Cleaning Tools With Hangers

Click on shower curtain rings to a wooden hanger, and attach your swiffer or dust pan. (Rob & Courtney M) Get tutorial here

Makeover A Filing Cabinet With Craft Boards

Use wood glue, clamps, and a drill to apply the measured wood to makeover. Get tutorial here

Turn A Door Organizer Into Bedside Storage

Cut the original organizer into half of it’s size, and insert grommets onto it. (Amanda C) Get tutorial here