1. Perfect Pallet Garage Storage Ideas

Take one suitably sized pallet (this one is 6ft wide) and remove the top crossbeam from one side. Find a spot on a wall in your garage and stand the pallet on the longest end. To finish, screw the pallet into the wall, drilling through the top crossbeam (i.e. the one touching the wall). Insert your tools and you’re done! Get tutorial here

2. Simple Shoe Storage Ideas

With this ingenious storage trick, you can quickly turn a cluttered cupboard into a neat shoe rack. Firstly, clear the cupboard and measure it. Secondly, set a tension rod 1" wider than the width of the cupboard. Squeeze the rod and set in place approx. 4" from the wall. Repeat as necessary to create makeshift shelves your shoes can rest on. Get tutorial here

3. Seated Toy Storage Ideas

Take a milk crate, spray it in a quirky color, and you can replicate this toy storage idea from Melissa. As the paint is drying, place a ¾ plywood board on top of foam cut to size. Cover in fabric and staple to the underside. Finally, glue thin wooden bars to the underside and place on top of your crate for a neat seat/toy storage solution. Get tutorial here

4. Tabletop Toy Storage Ideas

The best storage ideas maximize space, and this idea from Lindsey does exactly that. Start with three storage cabinets and place a 1/2" thick plywood board across the top. Next, sand the board and paint. Finally, secure using command strips (this allows you to remove it easily if necessary). With that, you have a two-in-one table/toy storage station. Get tutorial here

5. Brilliant Bedside Storage Ideas

Over-the-door organizers don’t always have to go over your door. For this DIY storage trick, cut an over-the-door organizer in half. Once you’ve done that, cut two lengths of ribbon to the width of your bed plus 12 inches. Finally, tie the ribbon to both ends and place under your mattress for a neat bedside storage solution. Get tutorial here

6. Spicy Kitchen Storage Ideas

For spicy kitchen storage ideas, IKEA is a treasure trove of inspiration. Hometalker The 2 Seasons knows this, and that’s how they came up with this neat trick. To recreate their storage idea, take a spice rack or two and color match to your kitchen cabinets. Finally, mount to the side of the unit using hidden screws and store whatever you like. Get tutorial here

7. Bathroom Storage Ideas – Tension Rod Trick

How can you clean yourself when the shower is a mess? Keeping bottles and sponges out of the way isn’t easy in a confined space, unless you try this bathroom storage idea. Take a standard tension rod and slip on some curtain rings. Attach plastic shower baskets, position the rod between two walls of your shower cubicle, and set in place. Easy! Get tutorial here

8. Secret Storage Ideas

Got gaps in your kitchen? If so, try this secret storage idea from Classy Clutter. To start, find a gap between two appliances/walls. Build a frame to fit using 1x4" primed pine. Add crossbeams inside the frame for stability and as shelves. Then, add dowel railings and casters to the bottom of the frame. Finally, screw in a backboard and a handle. Get tutorial here

9. Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Short on space but overloaded with clutter? Never fear. As you can see from this simple storage idea, all you need is a file organizer. To replicate this and store items such as Tupperware lids, simply take a file organizer, turn it on its side, and place it in your cupboard. As storage ideas for small spaces go, this one is simple but effective. Get tutorial here

10. Built-In Shoe Storage Ideas

To store your shoes, try this idea. Start with three 1x6 boards and two 1x2 boards. Cut the former into ten 6" lengths and five 16" lengths, then cut the latter into two 16" lengths. Next, build a frame using two 16" boards and two 6" 1x6 boards. Use the 1x6 boards as shelves and the 1x2 as rails. Finally, use 1x2 boards as mounts and screw onto a door. Get tutorial here

11. Tidy Tupperware – More Kitchen Storage Ideas

When they’re not filled with food, Tupperware pots often get stacked precariously in a drawer or cupboard. Well, if you copy Amanda, that doesn’t have to be the case. First off, stack your pots and place in a storage bin. Then, place the lids in a standard drying rack. Finally, screw a desk organizer to a cupboard door for any extra lids. Simple! Get tutorial here

12. Ladder Up Your Storage Ideas

Take an old wooden ladder, some tin buckets, and a length of ribbon and you’ve got a retro storage solution. To recreate this, drill holes through the top of tin buckets. Thread ribbon through each hole, and tie. Next, screw hooks to the underside of each step and hang the buckets. Finally, secure the ladder to a wall using pipe straps/wooden mounts. Get tutorial here

13. Spinning Storage Solutions

Too much mess can leave you in a spin, but it doesn’t have to. To organize your kitchen utensils like Wanda, dismantle a lazy Susan turntable. Onto the rotating base, screw a piece of wood (any shape). Add some hooks and screw the rotating base to the underside of a kitchen cabinet. Hang your utensils and you have a spinning storage solution. Get tutorial here