Storing Food in Coffee Mate Containers

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Organizing Shoes with a Tote Bag

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Making Better Use of Your Closet

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Storing Stuff on the Back Closet Wall

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Storing Spices in a $1 Rack

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Making That Under Sink Space Useful

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Outfitting the Perfect Pantry

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Adding Vertical Storage to Kitchen Counters

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Turning a Stool into a Gift Wrap Caddy

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Keeping Baseball Caps in Order for a Dollar

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Store Your Spools with a Knife Block

Add dowels to a knife block, for brilliant spool storage that will save your from knots. Get tutorial here

Keep Baby Clothes in Order with Zip Locks

Organizing kids' clothes is tough, which is why this zip lock bag idea is a real time saver. Get tutorial here

Repurpose Pants Hangers for Jewelry

Use the rungs of an ordinary pant hanger to keep all of your jewelry in order on the cheap. Get tutorial here

Use Dollar Store Buckets in the Pantry

If you thought your options were pretty or organized, this will show you how to get both! Get tutorial here

Turn Old Jeans into a Wall Organizer

Put your pairs of old jeans to good use on the wall, as this pretty patched organizer. Get tutorial here

Pack More in a Coat Closet with Shower Hooks

Use those cheap metal shower hooks to hang even more coats and winter wear in your closet. Get tutorial here

Organize Your Freezer With Plastic Containers

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