Stenciled Pegboard Organizer - Part 1

Stacy Davis
by Stacy Davis
Here is the sister project to my stenciled table. Again, I am using the Stephanie's Lace Allover Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. You can find it here - I like to browse their website, not just for stencil inspiration, but also for color inspiration. This stencil looks remarkable in everything from turquoise to gray.
This is Part 1. This tutorial shows how I painted and hung the the pegboard organizer. I did add a few pegboard hangers and a basket. This coming week I will post a tutorial on making movable custom shelves to hold her items. She has quite the collection of Baby Lips and those personal Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers. I can't wait to see a place for everything and everything in its place. Stay tuned...
Here is my true confession... The project that you see is not stenciled correctly. If I had done it in an allover pattern, instead of a checkerboard pattern, I would have noticed my mistake. I contemplated for a long time repainting the entire pegboard and starting over. In the end, I decided it was fine. I am not that big of a perfectionist.
At each corner, I lined up the flowers and thought all sides were the same. No biggie. In this pattern, it is really hard to tell that it isn't right.
Here are the items that I used to create my pegboard organizer. I ended up using blue painter's tape instead of the adhesive. I have used it in the past and not had a problem. But in this case, it just didn't hold my stencil in place. The colors that I chose were SW Refresh from Lowes for the base coat and Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Everlasting for the stenciling. The chalky finish dries quicker so I prefer to stencil with that. Also, prime your pegboard first with a good primer. This pegboard is 4 feet by 4 feet. That is half of an entire sheet from Lowes or Home Depot. The whole sheet was about $18 and I had them cut it in half for me. Pretty nice organizer for less than $10 plus the cost of the paint. My Lowes quart sample was about $5. The American Decor was $6 after my 40% off coupon. *** Someone in the comments mentioned dust in the holes. I would recommend vacuuming the board before painting and when you are finished painting the project, spray a couple of coats of sealer over the entire board front and back. That should take care of any dust. Also, when I painted my pegboard, I primed and painted the edges because I knew I wasn't attaching a frame to cover the edges. ***
It was just a random selection that I moved in this pattern and I ended up liking it so much that I decided not to cover the pegboard with the entire design.
Here is the table before it was stenciled. You can find that post here...
Plain old pegboard hooks that you can get in a number of places. I just dipped the ends in the paint and let them dry.
When you get a large stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils, they also send you a smaller abbreviated stencil of the pattern to use at the top and bottom of your wall. This is to make stenciling these areas easier but I found an additional use for that stencil. It is sized perfectly for wood crates. It does 2 slats exactly. I just inverted the design for the lower two slats of the crate.
I am lucky, that her Ikea bed has a heavy duty wire grate that the mattress sits on. This makes it extra sturdy to hand the pegboard from those. I used Ikea hooks and although these look like binder rings, these rings came from a kitchen store when we bought a new tong and spatula set. I am sure binder rings or carabiners would work also.
Here it is in place under her loft bed complete with matching privacy curtain. Just a note about the 4 cube organizer that you see in the picture. It looks like the Ikea one but it is Better Homes and Gardens brand from Walmart. When I checked online it says they cost $38.
Once she came home from school, she decided that she would prefer the pegboard on the opposite side and so we swapped the desk position and changed the layout. The privacy curtain is a shower curtain (even hung with shower hooks) that I stenciled with a mixture of 1 part acrylic paint and 1 part fabric medium. Some people have said that they also add 1 part water to this when stenciling fabric but it really depends on your fabric. The shower curtain was polyester and looked very silky and so my mixture's consistency was perfect for this type of fabric. Also, the next time I stencil fabric, I wouldn't choose a silky fabric. My painter's tape had trouble gripping it and when I would try to roll on the paint the stencil would slide all around. Another tip is to move your stencil in a solid line when moving. Because fabric stretches, if you travel in a checkerboard fashion, you might find that what should be one stencil block stretched to 1 1/4 stencil blocks. Speaking from experience there... almost scrapped the whole thing...
With the shower hooks, this curtain can be left just like this or you can slide the hooks across to open completely.
White shower curtain stenciled with paint.
You can even use a tie back just like a drapery panel. I used the acrylic paint color Mermaid Teal and fabric medium to paint the shower curtain.
Lots of space to add baskets and peg hooks for jewelry, make up and hair accessories.
It really creates a nice little private area within her bedroom. I know she loves her new "dressing room". Some of you with attention to detail might be saying, "Where is the stenciled table?" It is currently in my foyer but it should make its way to this room at some point!

** I have posted a sneak peek of the shelves that will be coming this week in the comment section. In the picture, they are not finished. They are just a snippet of the post. **
I have added some additional shelves and holders to try to keep her vanity area clean and clear.

**It was always my intention for this to be phase 1 and phase 2 would be getting a shot of a new comforter and a charging nightstand addition up on top but as we all know life can have other ideas. When I am on the mend I will post all those posts that I have been meaning to post. **

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