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Jody Harris
by Jody Harris
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My neighbor gave me the base to her stand up mirror because she only needed the mirror to go on the backside of her door. I took it without having an idea for it. I just knew something would come to me. And it finally has!
Here is what I started with. It didn’t come with any instructions but luckily I have put together furniture somewhat like this before.
I decided I wanted to use baskets. To have something to hang them from, I used 2 x 2‘s and cut them to fit in between the boards using the existing side holes where the mirror would have been attached. I found these copper baskets at Walmart for $1 each but decided they just didn’t look right. You will see the baskets that I decided to use below.
Next, I painted everything out in Cottage White using Behr paint. This took 3 coats.
For extra support, I used small “L brackets“ under the 2x 2’s.
Here they are all painted and attached.
Next, I predrilled, then added cup hooks to hang the baskets from. I predrill almost everything so the wood won’t split when attaching your screw.
Baskets are added! They say “No. 1” on them but I sanded that off and painted over it with chalk paint so you could put whatever you wanted on it.
Next, I cut vinyl with my Cricut and added the saying. If you don’t have a Cricut you could use paint. You could put whatever saying you wanted on this or leave it blank.
Then, I attached it to the top just like I did with the other 2 boards, screwing from the sides and adding the L brackets.
I decided to distressed it to match the baskets. They were painted, then distressed when I bought them from Hobby Lobby.
Here is the final product! I attached a baggy with chalk so you could write on the basket tags whatever you wanted. I love using something that was meant for one thing and recycling into something else!
Suggested materials:
  • Base to stand up mirror   (Free from neighbor)
  • 2 x 2’s   (Home Depot)
  • Behr paint in Cottage White   (Home Depot)
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