Toilet Paper Rolls!

by Lsherbach
3 Materials
1 Hour
Using toilet paper rolls, I created a craft supplies organizer! Because I don't have a designated craft area, I use this cardboard tray to gather all the materials I think i will need, in an effort to minimize the mess on my dining room table.
This is how I put it together, it was pretty simple. First I gathered all of the materials I needed. Then I got to work and painted the toilet paper tubes and cardboard tray.

I then hot glued the tubes into a pattern that felt good and then hot glued the tubes into the cardboard tray. They now serve as compartments.
And then I filled the tubes with all of the supplies that I needed for my next project. This way I can see all the materials I want to use, and I stay organized.
And here is the finished project put to good use! I use mine for craft supplies, but essentially you can use yours for whatever you wish! It's a great way to recycle your toilet paper rolls and to keep organized. Hope you enjoyed!
Suggested materials:
  • Paper tubes
  • Hot glue & glue gun
  • Paints various colors
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