Dust Pan Made From Coffee Container

Julie Ortiz
by Julie Ortiz
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While looking at my workbench, holding a coffee can to put in recycling, I noticed some scraps and dust that needed to be swept off the top of the workbench. Found the small dust sweeper, but could not find dust pan....hmmm....plastic coffee can with recessed handle could work as a dust pan. And, there you have it....new project!

Supplies: Yuban plastic coffee can with recessed handle; spray paint; painters tape; duct tape; cut wire; dust brush; and heavy duty scissor or snip scissor.

Cut coffee container

Cut container as shown (note I had to notch out where bottom front had a raised area).

Wire to hold brush

Use a punch to create a hole to put wire thru. Bend wire down on reverse side of container next to handle.

Cut rectangle piece from coffee container lid

Cut rectangle piece from coffee container lid. Duct tape from inside container around to bottom. Secured with more duct tape under container.

Lip of dust pan.

Place under front bottom of container for smooth lip.

Securing lip to container.

Duct tape from inside container around to bottom. Secured with more duct tape under container.

Dust brush

Cover bristles with painters tape before spray painting brush.

Spray painted container

After spray painting container and allowing to dry overnight, this pic shows inside finished product.

Side view

Back handle view

Whew....took me longer to post this than to make it...LOL! Now, I'm looking to stencil or decal.
Suggested materials:
  • Plastic Yuban coffee container   (Safeway)
  • Spray paint   (Walmart)
  • Duct tape, painters tape and wire   (Home Depot/ACE)
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  • Judy Thurston Judy Thurston on Mar 21, 2017
    Can you use any Plastic Coffee Can? And the spray paint can it be any color, and if we have black gorilla tape can we use that in place of duct tape? And does it have to be used with a whisk broom, or can it be used with a regular sized broom? Please Reply back ASAP! Thanks!

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