Ornament Topiaries

Ann M
by Ann M
Find a decorative pot. I found small tins in the $ area of Target for $1. Mix plaster of Paris according to directions and place dowel in middle using a level as it dries which is very fast. I used the small craft dowels usually sold 12 to a bag.
Setting up the base of each topiary.
This is the exciting part! Take your hot glue gun minus the glue sticks. Let it heat up til very hot. Using the metal tip, melt holes in shatterproof (plastic) ornaments. Make holes the size of the dowel.
Amazing! No drill needed!
Add ornaments with the melted holes and push them down the dowel creating a topiary. I chose to to layer the sizes from larger on the bottom to smaller at the top
Make them your own using any shape and color.
Finally, choose a small ornament for the top, only melting one hole to push on the dowel so it completes the topiary with a finished look.
Made all these in a few hours, pots and all!
Not shown in this picture, I finished off these trees with mini garland pushed down around the very first ornament to cover the exposed plaster in the pot.

I like the trees where I rotated some ornaments leaving their caps on, and others removing the caps and melting the hole at its place. Note the ornaments at top to leave a finished look.
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  • Marie Anne St Jean Marie Anne St Jean on Nov 27, 2015
    Wouldn't it be just as easy to poke the dowel into a block of styrofoam instead of plaster?

  • Jane R. Jane R. on Nov 30, 2015
    Doesn't the melted plastic stick to the tip of the glue gun? If it does, how do you get it off?

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