Chevron Inspired Concrete Garden Bench

My husband is getting into this creating with concrete! His idea to create the aggregate top and it has turned out great. We are going to making a matching one to sit on opposite sides for an area by one of our fountains.
The projects costs vary depending upon what materials you already have on hand. 2@$6 for bags of Sakrete 5000 concrete for both the base and the top and $15 for the 2x4s and plywood/OSB board for the base of form for project.
I sat on this and it was sturdy enough to sit on! So you do not have to worry about it breaking if someone over 200 lbs sits on it.
Enjoy, create, and inspire!
Happy gardening!
What a shape for a garden bench.
The 'Chevron frame' which is the same shape as the base and each frame uses a 80lb bag of concrete mix
the measurements for each side. Be sure to saturate with WD40 every exposed wood where the concrete mix is going to touch!
80lb bag of concrete mix
pour concrete in and spread out and then place rebar as shown
Use sander to vibrate to get air bubbles and use your float to smooth concrete.
I use a grout float (because I sold my concrete float a while back) and it works great to smooth the concrete before you add the pebbles and then use the float to lightly mash the rocks into the concrete-water will come up and wet the rocks-this is good because this means the rocks are going into the concrete.
I use the putting knife to push in the edges for a bit of a smooth edge
Take the mold off where I marked with the Xs and they will come right off the concrete. A little wiggling will release it from the base.
The aggregate top-a few loose pebbles.
The Garden Frog with C Renee
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