Broken Fence Creates Privacy!

H Katherine P
by H Katherine P
Thrown away because the top railing was missing I placed several small wooden stakes in the hollow posts and pushed them into the dirt to allow it to stand more firmly and not make it permanently located in this area. I relocated my solar lights from the ground and placed them in the top empty posts....whaa lah! was much cheaper than placing a lattice section...and more fun too! <3
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  • Sunshine_Trish Sunshine_Trish on Jun 25, 2015
    Brilliant! I love it :)

  • FionaE FionaE on Jul 18, 2015
    This has given me an idea about how to deal with the empty spots where some of my picket tops blew off from my vinyl fence. This is picturesque alternative to ordering new ones off the internet! Have you glued the solar lights in? I would have to because of our northern weather conditions in the winter.