Repainted All the Walls in Our Mobile Home, and Redone Our Kitchen.

We live in a Mobile Home, but I have redone all the walls to make it look like a house. I can't find any pictures of our home before I redid it, maybe I didn't even take any because it looked so bad, although I know now I should have.
My husband made new doors with dental molding for my cabinets and painted all the cabinets white using gloss paint, so I could wash them. He put up new backsplash a few years ago, and added a new black sink and industrial faucet that came from Lowe's. We redid the bathrooms, put up tile, floor covering, and added a new sink and faucet from Lowe's.
The window curtain came from Ollies and I only payed $4.00 for it. The lion head door pulls was given to me from my step daughter.
My husband put glass in 3 of my cabinet doors.
We added a stainless steel gas stove and refrigerator, from sears.
My husband built this butcher block table from some reclaimed oak wood that he had, and underneath it also stores my mixers and some more thing that aren't used a lot. The floor is tile that came from Lowe's that was also on sale.
The dining room light was given to me by my daughter.
We added the slide outs to my cabinets for more convenience, and storage because we don't have that many cabinets.
This is the bath room before we redone it.
This is our new tile that came from Lowe's that was on sale.
The floor also came from Lowe's on sale.
The mirror, counter top, and the sink all came from Lowe's, all on sale. As you can see I only buy things that are on sale.
Finished bath.
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  • Grant Grant on Jan 16, 2017
    Was there a tub in the bathroom before the shower stall was installed?

  • Muhd Puhdlz Muhd Puhdlz on Nov 01, 2018

    Much appreciation for the very needed DIY info on the mobile homes.

    I too, live in a double-wide that is looong overdue for upgrades.

    I have many questions as I have never had an option nor opportunity to do renovations before now..where does one begin??

    I suppose what I am asking is if there is an order,or system that you use that helps the process go smoothly?

  • Kathy P Kathy P on Apr 22, 2019

    I too line in a Double wide ... I have a vinyl on my walls, how do you paint them so the paint will stay?

    I have been thinking about tile floors but or underlayment is a pressboard material, can tiling be done?

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