Balcony Dilema... Too Plain. Color Changes the World!

by Yan13341851
My first balcony redo ever.... andyou favorite 😊
I am all about colors.... they were created for a reason 😉
Our balcony. New house....the dust just settled in October .... could not look at the plain and ugliness any longer. Since I LOVE color I just had to make a statement with the floor. Why the floor you ask.... well it's the only thing that could not be moved and will still look stunning bare of accessories! Now any plain and simple items and colors will look great.... just see the rest of the progress ☺
Spark of the future...
Grey/black mat (simplest colors 😉)

Mat $14

Paint $47 for 1 gallon (used about half) so $23 spent on it
More simple colors and a deeper blue chest (tons of storage!) Score of $25!

Rug $50
Plants are a must! One with colors is all u really need... vines look nice as greenery

For now just simple chairs.... waiting for something interesting to replace them with...maybe I can refinish a pair to put out there 🤔

Candle Holder with plants $43

Chairs $25

And volia!!!
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