Cleaning and Staining a Wood Deck

2 Materials
6 Hours
If you have a wood deck, you know that there is maintenance involved to keep it looking nice. I brought my deck back to life in a weekend by following these steps.
Supplies Needed:  
  • paint brush 
  • handheld paint cup
  • disposable gloves
  • sock (more on this in a minute!)
  • several thick nap rollers 
  • extendable paint pole 
  • roller pan with disposable insert
  • rags (for drips, cause I am messy!)
Clean off the deck - Remove any furniture and potted plants from the deck and sweep up any large debris.
Power wash the deck - You will need to rid the wood of debris and mildew that has built up over the winter.
Fix any loose boards - We had a couple of loose boards that were sagging and cracked so we replaced those. There were also several post caps that were falling apart, so I replaced them too.
Allow the deck to dry for 48 hours
Start with the stair handrails and the railings. I used a paintbrush and a hand-held paint cup.
Paint the vertical rail pickets.
Paint any other vertical surfaces.
Paint the floor in small areas, moving from the inside to the outside, so you do not "paint yourself into a corner," since you cannot walk on it for a few hours.

Let dry for 24 hours, then you can replace your deck furniture and decorate!

For the full tutorial and links to the supplies I used, visit here.
Suggested materials:
  • Thompsons Waterseal   (Home Depot)
  • Paint brushes, rollers, trays   (Home Depot)
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