Backyard ponds are truly the jewel of the water feature lifestyle

Backyard ponds are truly the jewel of the water feature lifestyle. They contain all the parts of a balanced ecosystem pond--plants, fish, rocks and gravel, and a biological filtration and circulation system. With all parts of the ecosystem in balance, this kind of Koi pond requires very little maintenance from the owner to maintain crystal-clear water that is a healthy environment for Koi and other pond fish.

No backyard pond would be complete without a waterfall. Providing the naturally-realxing sound of moving water, they are practically a must-have feature on any Koi pond. If you have the space, a stream can really increase the size of the overall water feature without increasing the cost as much as building a larger pond. Many of our clients who live in the cities of Houston and Austin, Texas initially want their waterfalls to help drown out the noise of the city traffic. But soon they find that they have created a relaxing retreat in their own backyard. The ever-present sound of gurgling water splashing into a pond helps to melt away the stress of the everyday grind and allows you to decompress at the end of each day. Some of our clients have found themselves having their morning coffee out on the deck every day so they can hear their waterfalls and enjoy their Koi pond before leaving for work.

For people who love the look and sound of moving water, but without the open body of water associated with ponds, a pondless waterfall is a great idea! A beautiful, natural looking waterfall will provide all the motion and sound you need without a pond at the bottom. Perfect for front yards, commercial locations, subdivision entrances, or other places where liability could be a problem, pondless waterfalls store all their water safely underground. The water seems to disappear into a bed of gravel at the end of the waterfalls. We've also heard these called disappearing waterfalls, disappearing fountains, bog ponds, or my favorite 'waterless ponds.'

Yards that feature a natural slope are begging for a stream! Austin, TX is great for streams because there are a lot of sloped yards in Austin. We've built a few streams in the Houston, TX area. Even though the Harris, Brazoria, and Ft. Bend County area is much flatter than the Travis County area, the occsional site has a good slope or enough space for us to create one. Streams create much more 'shore space' for you to interact with your pond than simply the accessable part of its perimeter. Backyard ponds with streams also allow the waterfalls to be extended with multiple waterfall drops throughout the stream. This allows the interest and sound of the waterfalls to be spread out across the yard, rather then being concentrated near the Koi pond. You can also combine a stream with a pondless waterfall. At the end, the stream simply disappears into a bed of gravel which is the same as the gravel substrate of the stream itself, so it's a seamless transition.

Whether you choose a small stream and pondless waterfall or a full-fledged ecosystem pond, complete with waterfalls, Koi and other pond fish, and beautiful blooming water lilies, the addition of a water feature to your life will change your lifestyle. By allowing you to create your own private space to relax and re-energize, ponds and waterfalls allow you to slow down and reconnect with nature right in your backyard. They are a great way for kids to learn about aquatic life cycles as well. Find out what people mean when they talk about the 'water gardening lifestyle.' Certified Aquascape Contractors are the best of the best in the water feature industry. Whether you just want to 'get your feet wet', or you're ready to 'take the plunge', CACs are the ones who will do it right the first time!

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Natural Looking Backyard Ecosystem Pond with waterfalls and streams near Austin, TX
Beautiful backyard ecosystem Koi pond near Houston, TX with two waterfalls
Natural Rock Waterfall and pond with native landscaping near Austin, TX
Stunning pondless waterfall in Ft. Bend County. Disappearing waterfalls are very low maintenance.
Amazing waterfalls and stream installed on a natural pond near Houston, Texas.
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  • Monday West Monday West on Oct 27, 2014
    Glad to see your article on waterfalls. Water features can add an extra addition to your home landscape, which not only brings out the artistic value of your landscaping; but can bring a relaxing end to the craziness of everyday life. Love the expression and stillness of this pond .Thanks for nice sharing with us.

  • Willow Willow on Jul 09, 2021

    Just beautiful