DIY Citronella Candle

by BrightNest
There's no argument that mosquitoes are a major buzz kill of summertime fun, but covering yourself from head to toe in sticky bug spray can be almost as vexing. So what can you do? Ditch the DEET next time you’re entertaining outdoors by making a DIY citronella candle – you’ll have outdoor fun and a bug spray-free existence!
What’s citronella oil? Citronella oil is nontoxic and plant-based. Its strong, lemony scent naturally repels mosquitoes. Combine citronella oil with other natural scents that help keep mosquitoes away (such as lemon eucalyptus or cinnamon essential oils).
Here’s how to make your own DIY citronella candle!
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Grab your supplies. Grab the wick, chopsticks and tape. Pinch the wick in between the two chopsticks, and then tape the ends of the chopsticks tightly together.
Secure the wick. Place the chopsticks horizontal on the open mouth of the mason jar with the wick held tightly in between the sticks. Adjust the wick’s length below the chopsticks until the metal bottom of the wick sits flat.
Add the wax flakes. Add the wax flakes to the measuring cup and then place the measuring cup inside the pot of water. You’ve just created a double boiler!
Melt the wax. Bring the water to a boil and then reduce the pot to low heat. Heat the wax flakes in the measuring cup until they’re fully melted.
Add citronella and essential oils. Add the citronella and eucalyptus oils to the melted wax. For small-to medium-sized mason jar candles, we recommend adding 10-13 drops of citronella oil and 5-8 drops of eucalyptus oil.
Pour the wax into the jar. Have the mason jar ready (make sure the chopsticks are still resting on top) for this next step. Turn off the stove, put on an oven mitt and very carefully remove the measuring cup of hot wax from stove.
Let cool completely. Wait about five minutes (for the wax to cool) and then place the candle in the fridge or freezer. Keep the chopsticks balanced on top. The wax will harden in just a few hours.
Trim the wick. Now that the wax has hardened, remove the candle from the fridge or freezer and trim the wick. Don’t trim the wick any taller than a half inch from the top of the wax.
Enjoy! Place your DIY citronella candle outside, light it and enjoy a bug-free summer.
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