Refreshing a Kids Play House

Chickie W.U.
by Chickie W.U.
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Hello Readers. I did some simple and easy painting to refresh this playhouse and make it look like new again. I used acrylic craft paint I had on-hand at my house. It was loads of fun and my youngest loved the results.

I found a little plastic playhouse a while ago. It was on the side of the street in my neighborhood. It didn't seem broken, just old and faded from the sun. I knew I could fix faded with a bit of paint. So, with some Tetris skills, I got it home in my car. (Some of it was sticking out the doors of my Honda Civic but I got it home.)

I washed off all the pieces with dish soap and water. I let them dry well. Then I put it all together to make sure it was sturdy and solid. It was very solid but the front door hinge was broken. The roof was very faded from being out in the sun. The red shutters were so faded that they were more of a pale pink. The gray and tan walls looked fine so I wasn't worried about them.

I gathered all the acrylic paint I could find and started painting. I just used basic acrylic craft paint. I didn't use primer or specialty paint for this project. I used the cheap craft paint from the craft store. I used a light blue on the roof because I had enough of it to cover the whole roof with at 2 coats of paint.

I decided to use liquid paint with brushes because that is what I had at home but I also wanted to paint a lot of details and small spots in the play house. Spray paint would have adhered well but it would not work for the details I had planned.

The acrylic paint adhered very well to the plastic. I painted 2 coats of paint on the roof. I let it dry overnight between coats.

I painted those faded red shutters a bright red for a fun pop of color. The little house had a whole designed interior. It was embossed in the plastic walls but there was no color to it. I decided to follow the shapes they put in the plastic with my paint and make them stand out more. You can see there is a little kitchen area and a floor lamp on this wall. I used a small brush and followed the lines of the item I was painting. Kids like color so I used bright shades and had fun with it.

On another wall there was a fire place. I painted the fire place rocks a dark brown to make it really stand out. I painted the mantel gray to make it more visible. I used some red, orange and yellow for the fire itself. The more color the better. I really wanted the fire to pop.

There were a couple potted plants that needed some color too. Again, I did not create these, they were already there. I just painted the leaves bright green and the flower pot brown. This was easy painting. No artistic talent required.

There was even a pretend cacti and pretend outlets! I wanted all these little details to stand out so the whole house would be visually interesting for my child.

Since the door was broken I just hung a piece of fabric as a door. It is actually a long pillowcase. I used a piece of duck tape and taped accross the top of the door way inside the house. This isn't really required it was just a fun detail. I wanted to extend the life of this little club house because this plastic will sit in the landfill for ages if it is just thrown away in the trash. It was old but it did not need to be trashed, it just needed a little freshening up with make-up. Or in this case paint.

(I can relate to that on so many levels. Old but not trash. Just add a bit of make-up!) Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself. Or your kids. 


Suggested materials:
  • Playhouse   (Scavanged)
  • Paint   (On-hand)
  • Paint brushes   (On-hand)
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