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I had planned a couple of updates to finish this playhouse makeover and as it was my favourite DIY of last year I figured it deserved a new post! This year I wanted to make a floor for it to stand in and also add a porch light to make it more cozy.

This is the playhouse as it was from last year. We finally found a solution for the floor and put it in position in the garden.

Initially I was going to use composite decking tiles in a dark grey but they were going to cost more than I spent on the whole house DIY! So I went for these wooden ones instead as they were a lot more affordable (4 for £12). I’m so glad I made this decision as I think they are a lot more in keeping with the overall look of the house.

My husband attached all the tiles together using pieces of pallet wood nailed underneath.

To finish off the floor I decided to paint it white with the aim of creating the look of white floorboards. I cleared away the overgrown grass and got to work!

I used two coats of garden paint, the same shade that I used to paint the fences.

To create the light I used these three parts:

  • a small bowl (from a set from IKEA)
  • a lid (from a dishwasher powder tub)
  • a piece of piping (I searched the DIY store for a suitable piece to match the others)

Using a glue gun I first attached the pipe to the bowl, ensuring it was central.

Next I attached the other end to the lid, this I measured and marked on the centre for accuracy.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out!

Once attached I took the glue gun and went around the edges again to reinforce the bond and also make the seal a little neater.

I used two coats of primer over the surface to prepare for the final coat of paint.

I used three coats of metallic gold paint to finish.

I can’t believe how good the finished piece looks considering I made it from three pieces of plastic!

I added a puck light inside that I found in a pound/dollar store.

These stick inside and attach to this piece which means I can bring them inside in the winter to avoid them getting damp.

We drilled two holes ready to attach the light to the outside of the house.

Here is the finished house! We do still need to level out the ground underneath as you can see it’s leaning slightly. We also plan to add some landscaping fabric to prevent the grass

from growing up in between the boards.

I love the detail that this little porch light adds!

And I’m so in love with the floors also.

I love that by painting them white I’ve been able to recreate the look of wooden floorboards. But also they make such a fun area for the kids to play on and make it feel more like a real house. I also wanted to give the house some protection from the grass as it gets muddy in the winter.

The light also came with a remote control and a timer setting which will be useful. But you can also turn it on by pushing the light.

I now want to add another light above this large window to add another feature. And also I think one inside above the cooker would be so fun!

I hope this post inspires you to attempt a DIY on your kid’s playhouse and make any modifications to make it more cozy! See the post on my page from last year for the original makeover.

Thank you for checking out this post! Be sure to find me on Instagram for more projects and behind the scenes.

~ Rachel ♡

Suggested materials:
  • Wooden decking tiles (plus strips of pallet wood)   (DIY store)
  • Garden paint   (DIY store)
  • Plastic parts for light
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  • Mlk6371151 Mlk6371151 on Oct 10, 2021

    Since kiddos grow so fast I wonder if a foundation of bricks could be added just under the play house to add a few inches of height. (Use industrial glue maybe to make it secure). Just a thought.

  • Mia Wheaton Mia Wheaton on Mar 04, 2022

    Hi! This is awesome! Do you know which model playhouse this is? I’m obsessed! 💕💕💕