Dig up those loose leftover Scrabble tiles

Using paint stirrers and Scrabble tiles, you can get colorful plant markers that double as decor. Get tutorial here

Gather up that haphazard cork collection

Burn your plant names int old corks -or simply write on them with Sharpies- for quick, cute tags. Get tutorial here

Search for those broken blind slats you saved

If you've still got a few stray broken bits from an old window blind, cut them and add them to your beds. Get tutorial here

Pull out a few wandering wood shims

Collect those leftover wood shims from your last craft project and add sweet labels. Get tutorial here

Find those mini photo frames you meant to use

Turn a few junky frames into cute plant markers by adding drawings or labels. Get tutorial here

Carefully collect any stray nails or screws

Those stray nails and screws that are rolling around your junk drawer are perfect for this. Get tutorial here

Cut shapes out of that old, bent magazine

Last season's issue is just what you need for pretty, eclectic indicators. Get tutorial here

Slice plastic folders or bottles into strips

You know that plastic accordion folder that broke last year? Cut it up and do this! Get tutorial here

Pull out some leftover mason jar lids

Snag a canning jar lid, add a little label, and you're garden-ready. Get tutorial here

Scour your drawer for a few glass gems

Glue paper letters to a few stray glass gems, then stick them on a twig or knife. Get tutorial here

Take out those never-been-used tea infusers

Tea infusers were a fun idea, but if you don't use them for tea, use them for plants! Get tutorial here