Make some creative planters

Bring concrete into the garden, by getting these dramatic planters ready for your spring porch. Get tutorial here

Bring in some faux greenery

If you're missing the lush, leafy look, infuse your home with green using moss. Get tutorial here

Make decoration for their potted plants

Before plants come on the scene, set the stage with a cool potted plant hanger from rope. Get tutorial here

Propagate some indoor plants

Spread the love of your indoor garden, by turning cuttings and leaves into new plants. Get tutorial here

Upcycle containers for the garden

Look around your house with a creative green-thumb's eye, for ideas like this colander pot. Get tutorial here

Craft some anticipatory garden decor

Ready for your 2016 garden to be your prettiest yet? Prepare your decor now. Get tutorial here

Think up even more spaces to put house plants

Hanging plants over your shower is our favorite new option - put some green in your clean! Get tutorial here

Make some furniture for a new fairy garden

Outfit your fairytale spaces with new furniture & bite-sized details. A tiny table is perfect! Get tutorial here

Or craft fairy decorations for the garden

Instead of a tiny fairy garden, a little fairy hut will make your entire garden magical. Get tutorial here

Start an herb garden for the kitchen

Make a useful and beautiful herb garden that makes snipping and cooking a cinch. Get tutorial here

Turn unwanted furniture into gardening space

Headboard benches are huge, but there's no better place for them than in your garden. Hello, potting bench! Get tutorial here

Start collecting pallets for hanging planters

Pallets are amazing in the garden and this hanging vertical set up is one of our faves! Get tutorial here